As moms, you hear it all the time: “They grow up so fast!” It doesn’t always feel that way in the day-to-day, but it’s true. Babies grow quickly. And it’s so important to capture their milestones before those moments are gone. Capturing Baby Milestones The big baby milestones to capture are the classics: ·        Smiling […]

It’s easy to love our babies; it’s not always easy to feed them. Every mother’s story of feeding her baby is different, special, and deserves to be documented. For some mothers and babies, breastfeeding comes easy and is a treasured experience. For others, it’s a struggle—for so many reasons. But whatever your story, we believe […]

Decisions, decisions. After you’ve invested in a professional photography session, you’re faced with how to choose the right images for your walls. And choosing which images to keep and which to toss can be hard. Who are we kidding? It can be completely overwhelming. In fact, sometimes the plethora of choice leads to no decision […]



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What type of newborn photographer should you hire for your new baby? Take the Quiz! This week I went over the 3 big newborn photography styles, plus that 4th option of a combo of styles (my favorite!) ⁠ 1) Studio⁠ 2) Lifestyle⁠ 3) Outdoor⁠ 4) Combo⁠ as well as the two pricing models and how […]

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Do you love to craft? ????????‍♀️⁠ You’re a scrapbooker at heart, you do all the projects, you make all the messes, you are a CREATOR.⁠ Well, then when you’re choosing your newborn photographer, you’re probably going to want to choose someone who pushes the button for you, but ultimately hands you the files to do […]

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This week we learned about the different types of newborn photography styles and now we’re breaking down the 2 service models (which apply to all photography genres- newborn, maternity and family alike!)⠀ Type 1: IPS⠀ The photographers that offer printed products are typically called IPS photographers, or in person sales, but I like to call […]

Raise your hand if you know you want to do with your photos. ????????‍♀️⠀ Once you have decided what type of newborn imagery you want- (studio, lifestyle, outdoor or a blend!) you have to think about what you want to do with your photos.⠀   The answer may be “post them on instagram so everyone […]

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Do you want the best of both worlds? Perhaps a Combo session is the right fit for your family.⁠ ????????????⁠ Often times what you’ll find is a photographer who blends the options we have been going over the past 3 days (go back and read through them if you haven’t already!)⁠ A documentary approach in […]

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Is an Outdoor session right for your family?⁠ ????????????⁠     Outdoor newborn photography: ⁠ ✔️⁠An outdoor newborn session is most commonly done within the first two weeks of life and is weather dependent. ⁠   ✔️⁠In the United States you can usually get away with a newborn outdoor session between May and September, depending […]

Is a Lifestyle session right for your family?⁠ ????????????⁠ Lifestyle Newborn Sessions:   ✔️⁠Typically these sessions are done within your own home using natural/available light, but occasionally with secondary light sources such as strobes or other off-camera flash.⁠ ✔️⁠The aim of these sessions is to capture a more relaxed image of you as a family […]

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Is a Studio session right for your family?⁠ ????????????⁠ Studio newborn photography: ⁠ ✔️These are formal portraits taken in the studio, usually before baby is two weeks old. ⁠   ✔️Baby is generally encouraged to be sleepy and will be placed on smooth backgrounds and in props such as buckets, bowls or beds.⁠   ✔️Typically […]

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What type of photographer should you hire? (Spoiler alert, we’re not all the same)⁠ ????????⁠ I’m going to break down 4 different types of newborn photography as well as tell you the differences between the 2 most popular pricing and delivery models. Because, well, we’re different! And everyone out there is different, and what you […]

Alright already with the babies! Oh sorry, did I not mention? It’s newborn month over here at Glean & Co. While everyone is off in their pumpkin spice family photography land we are focusing on our tiniest clients. ⁠ I’ll lay off the big long story for today and just show you my face instead. […]

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