Photography Ideas To Consider For Your Child’s First Birthday!

Your child only turns 1 once and it is important to capture the occasion the right way. Here are some ideas on how to photograph this special birthday.

Be Early

Take pictures before the guests arrive. This is a unique time that you won’t have to worry about where people are. You can even get the birthday child in a few solo pictures of them with some of the decorations. Also this is a good time to check the lighting of the location that you are holding the party. Now that most of your cameras are digital it is a good time to see if you need to adjust some of the settings on the camera so that it doesn’t look like you are having the party in a cave.

Be Candid

Try to take as many candid pictures, children at this age begin to get tired of always being asked to smile and pose. If you haven’t had a child that age get tired and over stimulated, then you might like this advice. I don’t know anybody that likes to see a full meltdown of a child but this is a great way to create the perfect storm. If you are going around taking candid pictures of the birthday boy/girl having fun then naturally they are going to be smiling.

Be Low and High

When you are taking pictures don’t be afraid of getting out a stepladder and getting some great pictures from a high angle. Also get down low and take some pictures from the ground of the birthday child. These different angels give a unique look to the photos that you take.  When you take a picture from a low angle you make the subject look larger than life. 

Be Close and Far

Don’t be afraid of taking a few steps closer for the picture to give the picture a more intimate feel. When you are looking back at the photos if you have a few pictures that are up close it will help you feel like you are back at the party and you can relive the party for years to come. When you take a few steps back and take pictures from a distance you are giving more feel of what the party looked like. You can then see all the adults and children interacting in these memories.

Be Present by Hiring a Boise Family Photographer

This is the only chance you have to share in this moment with your child. Don’t get so caught up in getting the perfect image that you become lost behind the lens of the camera. Your child is only going to remember this day because of the pictures they have to look at. If you aren’t in any of the memories they will remember that. The easiest way to “be present” for your child’s special occasion is to hire a professional photographer in Boise to capture every memory the way you want. You have an entire year to find and choose a great photographer that can help preserve this moment in time. Another benefit of hiring a photographer is they will do all the editing of the pictures and all you have to do is just be there and enjoy this moment.

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