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I started this book project for a couple reasons- the first being entirely selfish in that I was needing a new creative outlet and wanted to explore a more intimate subject matter both in studio and outdoors.

And the second reason is that we have discovered over the last 5+ years of photographing newborns that stories matter. That whole "it takes a village" mentality is sometimes about a grandma coming over to do some laundry or hold the baby, but more often than not the village is other parents telling you what worked for them- or the challenges they faced and how they got through them. Sometimes the village is a group of care providers, sometimes its just someone to hug you when you're literally crying over spilled milk or someone to assure you that "fed is best" when you've decided to stop pumping.

We all know that parenthood is hard. We've heard hundreds of parents before us say it. But how do you know if this is just normal "babies are hard" type stuff, or something that could potentially be improved or even fixed entirely? First recognizing a problem and then knowing who to go to for help can make all the difference in the world and potentially take a colicky inconsolable baby to a smiling bundle of joy.

Your story matters. And we believe that this collection of love letters to our babies will help future mom and dads-to-be navigate their own feeding journeys.

It's easy to love our babies, it's not always easy to feed them. 

I'm Paige, and I'm so glad you're here!

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