Take me back to one of my most favorite endings to a ceremony ever! This was the first time I photographed a confetti pop and it was straight magic. ⁠.⁠Loved working with Tara + Sean and documenting their day. From beginning to end they were such amazing clients with an even better story. ⁠

Tara was finishing grad school to become a counselor when we started talking about her wedding. She was up to eyeballs in school and work. We tried scheduling her engagement photos two different times and the weather would not cooperate. When we eventually did them it was still a BLIZZARD up at bogus. ⁠
Come wedding day the sky was filled with pink, ashy smoke from the wild fires. And the day went on! We got incredible images, everyone had an amazing time despite the conditions. All of Tara’s planning (in between reading, stress, anxiety and papers) paid off!⁠ She trusted she could do no more and her day was amazing.
Life really does keep moving forward, whether we are ready for it to or not. Whether it turns out how we planned or not. All we can do is plan and then let go when the day comes and lean into adversity if we have to.
Now Tara has started an incredible Instagram called @courageously.u providing resources for working through anxiety. She shares a lot of stories about the stress of going through school along with other personal experiences, coaching and information. It is so amazing to see all the good work our clients are up to in the world. Go check out her page and give her a follow today!