Is a Lifestyle session right for your family?⁠

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions:


✔️⁠Typically these sessions are done within your own home using natural/available light, but occasionally with secondary light sources such as strobes or other off-camera flash.⁠

✔️⁠The aim of these sessions is to capture a more relaxed image of you as a family and of your baby in a natural environment.⁠

✔️⁠Although many newborn photographers still prefer to do newborn sessions before the baby is two weeks old, lifestyle sessions also work great for babies who are a little older, less sleepy and less able to be put into complicated studio poses⁠

✔️⁠6-8 week old newborns can be caught in a genuine smile and create beautiful eye contact that isn’t usually possible with a younger baby, yet they still are absolutely fresh and as tiny as ever. Be sure to ask your specific photographer on timing for when they like to do their newborn sessions.⁠

✔️⁠The photographer may or may not bring props, outfits, wraps, etc. for the baby. Most commonly though, lifestyle photographers do not provide a large variety of props and instead use what you already own/items and clothing from your home. ⁠

✔️Lifestyle sessions are more documentary in nature and photographers often capture environmental details like nursery decor. ⁠




Tomorrow I’ll give you all the highlights of an Outdoor newborn session!⁠ Want to read about Studio newborn sessions? Go read yesterday’s post!⁠

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