When I was newly engaged I was living in Seattle and working on the Nordstrom Image Production team. It was generally a pretty fun job but sitting there at a computer all day made your mind wander like crazy. And as a bride-to-be it wandered constantly to my wedding.⁣

I had so many ideas, what to do first??? Pinterest wasn’t quite a thing yet so I had all these story boards created in photoshop with my color palettes and screenshots from dresses I liked or cute craft ideas.⁣

My now husband was not helpful. “Sure yeah, blues, raspberries, sounds good.” I went back and forth on decisions, agonizing over what would be best. I called my mom. A lot.⁣

And ultimately 9 years later here’s my takeaway from that time. Planning a wedding is a ton of fun if you let it be. Don’t stress over the little details or spend hours trying to make your own numbers for the table- no one remembers that stuff. All I remember is how frustrated I became when I couldn’t make it perfect and ultimately it didn’t matter at all or change how happy I was that day.⁣

Friends to this day remind me how beautiful our cheap table flowers from Pikes Place Market were- No one has ever said oh I loved that horrifically expensive floral garland from the fancy florist you had on the gate when we walked in.⁣

The fancy table cloths my wedding coordinator talked me into were just more expensive to replace when one of them couldn’t be found after the event. They didn’t add to our enjoyment of the amazing homemade cake.⁣

So if I were to plan our wedding all over again I’d spend all my money on these ingredients: gorgeous venue, good food, plenty of wine, a fantastic DJ and of course, a total kick-ass photographer. Nothing else matters if your friends and family are there to celebrate your love.