Top 10 Favorite Uses for Baby Wipes (that have nothing to do with cleaning a baby bottom)

Whether you’re a mom or not, baby wipes are for you. Bring a pack to your wedding. Always have them in the car, and heaven forbid never go camping without them. Here are my top 10 favorite hacks for baby wipes that have nothing to do with wiping a baby’s bottom.

1. Makeup Remover Wipes

Have you ever tried all those Neutrogena type brands that cost about $7 for a little thing? They ALWAYS sting my eyes (even avoiding direct eye contact) and leave my face feeling raw. I’ve tried multiple brands and they just don’t work for me. However, I tried my son’s Huggies Natural wipes one day to wipe mascara from under my eyes and viola- no sting! I now have a pack of wipes that sit in my bathroom drawer specifically for this purpose. 

2. Quick car cleaner

The car wash right by our house has free vacuums so I often drive through for the quick $7 wash and then vacuum out the cheerios, granola crumbles, dirt and occasional lego. Everything is clean in minutes except my dash and cup holders. I never remember to bring a rag and cleaning solution and once I’m home I’ve moved on to other tasks. Enter the baby wipe quick clean. They’re always in my car anyway so I started wiping the dust off the dash, a quick swipe across the leather seats and then through the cup holders. 

3. Leather cleaner

This weekend we went up to Bogus Basin and my son stepped on my leather purse as he was getting back into the car with his dirty snow boots. This morning there was a gross white residue all over my Kate Spade. Quick wipe and it looks good as new! I’ve also used them to wipe down the leather couch in the playroom and the faux leather ottoman in our living room- they’re also great for a quick shine on leather shoes! 

4. Put them in your beach bag

I would give anything to be on a warm beach right now (preferably drinking a large cocktail and not 8 months pregnant)! Whether you have kids or not these things are great at the beach. Excess sunscreen on your hands? Sand stuck in inconvenient places? Wipe salty water residue off your face for a quick refresh and wipe sand off your shoes or sand toys before you get in the car. Most wipes have aloe in them so are quick relief for small sunburns as well. 

5. Take them camping

Along the same lines as taking them to the beach they are absolutely essential for camping. When you can’t wash your hands or face, need to wipe down a picnic table, quick clean pots and pans or forgot the roll of toilet paper when nature strikes, these babies will be a lifesaver. 

6. Wipe off Dirty Dog Paws

I’d like to say we take our dog hiking in the foothills all the time…….but I’d be lying. Poor girl almost never gets to go but when she does I’m almost always unprepared for dirty paws. I don’t usually have a dog towel in the car but I do always have baby wipes! A quick wipe to her paws allows my car to stay nice and clean.

7. Put them on the picnic tables for rib eating contests

Lets get back to thinking about summer- sunshine, pool parties and rib eating contests. Wait, you guys don’t have rib eating contests? Well you should! And when you are setting out the table decor be sure to include a few packs of wipes to clean up sticky fingers and faces. Your guests will thank you. 

8. Wipe down your cat, dog and couch

Our Portuguese water dog doesn’t shed, but I’m always amazed at how dirty our house feels when my mom visits with her golden retriever or my mother in law comes with her lab mix. So. Much. Dog hair. EVERYWHERE. I particularly dislike sitting on the couch and getting hair all over my clothes. Enter baby wipes. You can wipe fabric couches and get all the dog hair off but you can also wipe down the dog! Obviously it won’t get all those little hairs but it can reduce the amount around the house for sure. And even though our dog doesn’t shed…..she does get the occasional dingleberry that can be quickly cleaned up with a baby wipe. 

9. Clean your screens

My kids have grubby little fingers and our iPads are always coated in prints. Quick wipe down with a baby wipe erases all the grime. Works great for keyboards as well. 

10. Other beauty hacks

You can use baby wipes for little cleanups while painting nails (if you’re terrible like I am and always end up with it in places other than your nails) 

Remove white residue from deodorant on clothing

Get makeup on your white wedding dress? Wipe it off with a baby wipe! 

The possibilities are endless. If you don’t have kids, do you haul around baby wipes??? Perhaps you should….

*Please note, not all wipes are created equal and not all of them are safe for things like wiping away eye makeup or using on dog paws. Make sure to check the ingredients of your wipes just in case! I always use Huggies Natural Care and have never had any problems. 

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