Would you rather be able to close your eyes and instantly go anywhere in the world, as long as you’ve never been there before …..or would you rather close your eyes and be able to instantly revisit somewhere you have already been?⠀

10 years ago my boyfriend and I were sitting at a bar in Cape Town, South Africa talking to a woman sitting next to us who was a traveling nurse. We excitedly told her how we had just been scuba diving in Sodwana Bay and she said that nothing compared to scuba diving in Palau…⠀

I didn’t even know where Palau was on the map but suddenly I absolutely had to go there. So when we married a year later we planned the perfect honeymoon- 2 weeks underwater in Palau.And 10 years later I don’t regret that choice, I only regret that so far we haven’t had a chance to go back.

It was magical, it was an adventure, it was the best Indian food I’ve ever had in my entire life and most of the time when people ask where we went on our honeymoon they say “where is that??”⠀

But as I get older and realize how fleeting time is and how little we have each year I’m constantly torn- do I want to plan trips back to these places I’ve already been and fallen in love with? Or do I want to explore new and different places?⠀

I think ultimately what it comes down to for me is wanting to share these amazing places with the people that I love. So while we are packing our bags to go back to South Africa (in less than 2 weeks!) to many of the same places we went 10 years ago, I am more than anything just so excited to share this experience with my children and my brothers and their wives, my nephews and my parents.⠀(But I sure do wish we could close our eyes and instantly be there!)

p.s. look how young I was the last time we were in Cape Town!