A branding portrait session is a photography portrait session that first and foremost is meant to document YOU as an individual. My goal is to create images that embody your personality and who you are as a person. This is your opportunity to take the time to do something for yourself. We specialize in documentary style photography, which means we will guide you through your session to help bring out genuine smiles, faces and reactions. 


Branding sessions can be done in the studio or outside. Boise has lots of amazing areas nearby that offer a scenic backdrop or you can choose to take them in heart of a cozy downtown coffee shop. If you have something that you LOVE- Barre, CrossFit, running marathons, painting, music, your dog, your chickens, your car, cooking- whatever it is we can totally incorporate it into your session. When you receive your final gallery I want you to be able to feel like you have great images of your life. 

Also maybe you’ve always had visions of doing something really crazy and extravagant or you’ve always wondered what it would be like to put on a high fashion outfit and be a model for a day- well now is your chance. We aren’t afraid to go big and bold. If you have a crazy idea- let us know! We love to try our best to make the big and crazy ideas come to life too! 


Great! These sessions can swing whichever direction you’d like. If you own a local or online business, if you are a creative or public figure these are the perfect session for you. We will not only get great photos of you but we will also get great photos of your business. This might include photos of you in your shop actually doing your craft, photos of you meeting with clients or customers or images of your actual product. Great imagery is so important for building a brand, especially when you are at the center of your business!

If you rely heavily on social media for your business we also build custom  packages for business owners where they get monthly or even weekly images to share on their online platforms. 


We love working with guys too! It is a wonderful thing to be able to document anyone, male or female, that is wanting to do something for themselves. Guys, maybe you’ve been working your butt off at the gym and you want to incorporate fitness into your session, maybe you own a business or you created a really awesome product. We love working with the dudes too! These sessions aren’t meant for just women.   


Branding sessions are not meant to be family/couple sessions. If your life is your family and you want to document that then we can book a family session! Once you bring others into your session it shifts the focus away from you and more to the connections you share with others (which we absolutely love but is not what these sessions are meant for). If you are a mom of 4 and you would like to do something for yourself, celebrate a milestone and take the time to feel pampered then don’t try to squeeze in a “few good photos” amidst the chaos of a family session. 

Branding sessions are also not meant to get headshots of your entire team or employees. If we do photos in your brick and mortar business and your employees are in the setting where we are shooting that is totally fine! But we want to make sure we are using your session time to get great images of YOU. We do do headshot and business sessions but they are planned and booked differently from personal branding sessions. 


Branding sessions are a great way to celebrate! Maybe you have been working really hard towards a goal or you turned 30, 40, or 60!  Or maybe you’ve had a really shitty year (or a few years) and you are ready to move into a new space in life (or you already have!). Doing a session for yourself to let go, to shed the grief, the guilt or the past, to move forward, to love yourself and your life a little harder, to celebrate a milestone- there are many reasons. Whatever they are, wherever you are in your life right now- document it. Because life is messy and always changing. Whether we are ready to move forward or not it keeps on going. Being able to look back on your photos and remember exactly how you felt, or how you looked or what your life was like at that moment is a gift.