Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Finding the right newborn photographer is critical. Your baby will only be small once, so it is important to capture those special moments properly or else they could be lost forever. When shopping for a newborn photographer in Boise, keep a few questions in mind. This list isn’t meant to be complete, but to serve as a starting point for those parents looking for a photographer.

Where Will the Photoshoot Take Place?

While this may seem obvious, not all photographers have dedicated studio space. Some will rent space or may want to come to your home to complete the session. Regardless of where the session will be, make sure to ask so you can plan appropriately.

How Long Does a Newborn Photography Session Take?

This question goes hand in hand with the first question. That’s because newborn sessions can run longer than a normal family session. Having to rent a space with a specific time limit may be problematic if the baby decides to be fussy for an hour or more. It will be important to have enough flexibility to allow the photographer to make the baby comfortable. This ensures the session goes exactly as you hope.

What Is The Right Age For My Newborn Photography Session?

Photographers will often have varying answers to this question. The range for a newborn session is “typically” in the 1-2 week range but again is different for each photographer and for each baby. You are looking for a time when the baby still sleeps a lot! Newborns quickly outgrow that look that you are going for, transitioning to an infant in no time. Be sure to ask your photographer before the baby is born so you can plan accordingly.

Do I Need to Supply Props?

Most newborn photographers will have an assortment of props available if they are needed. However, it most cases you are welcome to bring your own since this is your baby and you are attempting to capture a specific look. Now, having said that, keep in mind what kind of props work well with newborns. Trust your photographer and, as always, ask them what they think is best for your situation. Walk through your goals with them and they will find a way to make it work!

What Experience Do You Have With Newborn Photography?

Photographing newborns is different than any other type of photography. You have a very delicate baby that will not take any sort of direction and is in complete charge of the session. You must be able to be flexible. An experienced newborn photographer knows this and will not be frustrated by it. They expect this. They have budgeted enough time and resources to this. Be very pointed and specific with your questions. How many newborns have you worked with? Ask to see examples of their work.

Hire an Experienced Boise Newborn Photographer

You love your baby and you only want what is best for them. Take your time when hiring a Boise newborn photographer. Find someone that you trust and feel comfortable with. Find someone with a broad background of work that you can see for yourself. Check out their reviews. Experienced, professional photographers welcome these types of questions!

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