Let me tell ya buying a wedding dress is stressful! How can you know that that is the one. That there isn’t another one out there that would be better? When push comes to shove you just have to go for it. Make the leap and pick one! ⁠I had envisioned in my mind a tulle skirt of some kind with a long sleeve body suit. You would think “Easy, I can find that!” Then you start looking and pinning and saving all of these photos and posts. Different options, colors and styles. When I finally found THE ONE it took me like two hours to actually purchase. I went through a straight panic attack right before I hit purchase. I ended up ordering online because I found what I was looking for (for the right price) and it comes from the Ukraine. I had to take like 20 measurements to send in (and had to check them about 20 times). In the end it’s just a dress and not going to make or break my day but man was it nerve racking to make a choice.
⁠⁠I listened to the podcast, The Moth, today for the first time. It came highly recommended by some of my new running friends I met doing the Cascade Lakes Relay in Oregon this weekend. (And now I’m hooked too!) ⁠It’s just stories of ordinary people’s lives of all types. Adventure, heartache, mishaps and everything in between.
⁠Today on it there was an episode about a bride that planned every single detail of her wedding, down to the needle point embroidered WEDDING INVITES. Yikes. In the end she didn’t know tornados were a thing in Missouri and one ripped right through her wedding before she even got to share all of her wedding details with anyone. ⁠⁠She also eventually divorced him as well. She was so buried in the wedding details she missed a few important life details. Her favorite memories from the day had nothing to do with what she meticulously planned for months.
Weddings ARE NOT about all the details. The invites. The dress. The napkins. The flowers. Or even the photos. None of that. Weddings are about the couple. What they share. The celebration of their union and commitment to one another (because relationships ARE HARD and that’s a big deal). Plan the wedding of your dreams, but never lose sight of what that day is really about. Don’t forget to zoom out and make sure you are using the true meaning of your day as your north star in this crazy process called wedding planning. ⁠
What is your favorite memory of your wedding day that happened and you DIDN’T plan for???⁠⁠
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AMAZING DRESS BY @laneigebridal⁠
Makeup by @bygorjess ⁠
Hair by @makayla.hoff⁠
Venue @blackhawkweddings⁠
Videographer @nwfilmco⁠
Photography @gleanandco @jamiehubbs⁠