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Do you dream of beautiful photos of your new baby you can safely take yourself using just your smartphone?

Learn our effortless Do-It-Yourself newborn photo approach designed specifically for creative new moms, like you.

teach me

(Photo taken with an iphone 13Pro)

There’s a secret professional newborn photographers don't want you to know...

You don't have to have professional lighting equipment, a studio full of props, professional photography training or even a fancy camera to take beautiful photos of your baby.


You can create beautiful photos just like this with your phone with a little bit of knowledge and a simple guide to follow.

(Photos taken with an iphone 13Pro)

iphone 13

canon R + SIgma 35mm

It can be an enjoyable experience and armed with the knowledge of how to create these photos you can replicate it again and again as your baby grows.

I'll teach you how to create these photos while also keeping your baby safe and without all the overwhelm of technical terms like "exposure triangle" and "aperture" or the need to spend years on end trying to get to the same level as the pros.

Once you know all these hidden tips and tricks...

Taking photos of your baby doesn’t have to be that hard.

Teach me the secrets!

You'll be taking beautiful photos of your baby FAST.
So you don't miss a single second of this fleeting stage. 

The complete roadmap that quickly teaches new moms, like you, how to create consistent, studio style images of their new baby.

(even if you don't have a fancy camera or any specialty props) 

DIY Newborn Photos
{Made Easy}

Glean & Co Photography Presents...

This is NOT a "learn how to be a professional newborn photographer" course.

It’s a behind the curtain view of HOW professionals get beautiful images to give you the tools and skills you need to:

safely take your own studio style photos of your baby

in the comfort of your own home

with just your phone camera.

With bite sized lessons to creating images of your very own, over and over as your baby grows.

(Photo taken with an iphone 13Pro)

You don't have time to figure out what newborn photographer to hire, attempt to decifer their pricing and then figure out how to get on their schedule when you don't even know when the baby will actually be born.

Does this sound familiar?

And at the end of the day, all you really want is beautiful photos of your baby —

you see other moms posting their professional photos on instagram, and you’re worried you won't have anything to remember these fleeting days.

You're a busy new mom

While professional photos sound great, the idea of spending $1000+ on a handful of images is just not going to happen. Why does everything baby have to be so darn expensive???

You have a ton of expenses... you just had a baby!

Even if this is your first baby you know - because it's all anyone will talk about. "Embrace it, it goes by so fast!" has been said to your pregnant belly no less than 5 times, this week alone. 

You know how fast it goes

You know in 10 years you're going to want these photos and don't want to have any regrets that you were too busy or too broke to take the time to take the photos.

You don't want to regret it

It’s my mission to help you bypass the frustration and jump straight to creating beautiful, lasting memories with your newborn.

DIY Newborn Photography {Made Easy} would have saved me SO MUCH time, energy, frustration and tears (his and mine!). Don't believe me? Scroll down to see my first son's  newborn photos. I promise in under an hour you'll know exactly how to avoid everything I did wrong to avoid making my newbie mistakes.

hey, I'm Paige

When I had my first son 12 years ago I was exactly in your shoes. A creative at heart with a love for a project and thought- why would I hire a professional to take his photos when I can do it myself!? (Scroll down to see major embarassment)

Boy was I wrong. I quickly realized that photographing a newborn was a world apart from anything I had done before. Despite my background in photography, I wasn't prepared for the unique challenges of working with a brand new baby. The nuances and behind-the-scenes secrets of newborn photography were mysteries to me—until I became a professional newborn photographer myself. And by the time I learned the secrets - my son was no longer that tiny babe.

I’ve taken everything that I've learned on my journey as a mom of 3 and as a professional newborn photographer and put it into DIY Newborn Photos {Made Easy}.   It's the resource I wish I had back then, tailored specifically for new, creative parents, like you. 

I am ready!

My Why

When I became pregnant with my first baby I never even considered hiring a professional photographer.

I strongly believed that I could get great images of him, just like I'd seen from professional newborn photographers. (I wasn’t one myself at the time!)

But what I got? Well, swipe to see for yourself.

My poor first son fell victim to a complete lack of planning and knowledge on my account. I vividly remember setting up my studio a few days after he was born, getting a white sheet out of the linen closet and using our folding card table with a sheet over it and some more blankets underneath to pad him. I had expensive strobe lights and a fancy camera- they were sure to be beautiful!

I took a few shots and they just looked...wrong. The angle was wrong, half his face was hidden in the blankets, the sheet was all wrinkly, the lighting looked odd and why was it that no matter what I seemed to be looking straight up his nose??? (Also, why did I think putting him in the laundry basket would look good or his dads tie would be a nice prop? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️)

What I didn’t know is that newborn photography is DIFFERENT. It takes an entirely different set of skills than a wedding photographer, a wildlife photographer or even a family photographer. And it’s not about a fancy flash or expensive equipment, it’s about finding the right light and learning the angles and how to use them with newborn babies. You need to see behind the scenes. Because this scene right here? That's not what you want for your baby.

While there are some poses that for safety should ALWAYS be left to the professionals, I truly believe that anyone with a little bit of basic knowledge can create images just like this one. (Taken with natural light and an iphone 13!)

Using natural light and only your phone camera. No fancy equipment or expensive camera required. DIY Newborn Photos {Made Easy} will teach you how.

My first son's newborn photos

Time for Embarassment ...

I thought we were going to be totally without nice newborn photos of our second born!

Most every question I've ever had concerning newborn photography was answered through Paige's diy program. Tips that you honestly just can't find on the internet!

Kayla, mom to 2

I took an amazing shot of my newborn at the hospital!

The videos are a great length and provide just the right amount of information without being too technical.

Heidi, mom to 2

I was worried about the lighting in our dark house. The videos helped me figure out exactly where to set up even though we live in a small space.

And I loved being able to just use my iPhone instead of trying to figure out borrowing someone's camera.

Brandon, new dad

This course is for you if ...

You love all the teeny tiny details of a new baby, and you know they'll be gone in the blink of an eye.

From stunning eyelashes to teeny toes, from curling pinkies to the smallest of ears, you want to be able to capture everything about them. Because even if this is your first baby, you know this stage goes by way, way too fast. (and you want to remember it long after it's gone)

You have a million cute Pinterest-worthy projects just waiting for that baby to be born

You’ve been documenting your pregnancy and can’t wait to capture everything about your baby from the moment they’re born - no incomplete baby books for you! Once you learn a few of the magic tricks that newborn photographers use all the time, you’ll be able to create amazing photos of your new baby every week, on repeat. So those pinterest fails? They won't happen to you. 

You're a creative at heart.

You love a good art project and sharing your beautiful creations- and what creation have you ever been more proud of than this baby??? Can you imagine the pride you will feel when you can create photos you're proud to share with your friends and family? 

You'd love to take your own baby photos but you don't feel confident you could do it safely or well. 

You’ve seen the kinds of photos that new moms share on Facebook. Sometimes it's an amazing sleepy image of their newborn, but you’ve seen more than your fair share of Pinterest fails! And you know better than to risk their safety by posing your newborn in a sling hanging from the ceiling, or even propped up on the bed. We'll teach you which poses are safe and easy for beginners without any professional learning curve.

You love newborn photography, but know it's just not in the budget right now.

You understand that of course you're not going to be able to take photos as well as a professional who has spent years on education and thousands on professional equipment. But you still want to be able to at least have a few images to remember these early days and don't want to look back on your failed DIY attempts with regret.

DIY Newborn Photos {Made Easy} is an online course for creative new parents that includes easy-to-digest lessons to help you create beautiful photos of your new baby
using only your phone camera

Here’s what you’ll learn on the inside:

Lesson 1

 Practical advice on choosing the right location in your home, natural lighting, and ingredients needed for capturing those adorable early moments.

We'll show you how to use items you already own and the camera you have on hand (even if it's your phone!) 



Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here

Lesson 2

Learn how to find not only the best light in your home, but the right light! 

And yes, we promise your home has it- we'll help you find it and teach you how to use it. 

Lighting Tips & Tricks

Lesson 3

We'll teach you exactly how to highlight all of your newborn's adorable features in every photo, how to get a ton of variety without disturbing them and how to keep them safe the entire time. 

We'll also teach you our very best tricks to soothing- that work when you're not photographing baby too! 

angles, positioning, Soothing & Safety

(Photo taken with an iphone 13Pro)

Did you know: Newborn photographers are often called "Baby Whisperers" due to their ability to quickly calm crying infants.

Want to be able to do this yourself and save endless hours with a screaming baby? In lesson 3 we cover all our favorite soothing techniques.

These work all the time! Not just when you're taking pictures. 


Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here

Lesson 4

Now comes the fun part! We'll teach you our 5 favorite poses that are easy for beginners and most importantly SAFE for your precious bundle.

We've also included a shot list so you can check off as you go and never miss those tiny details. 

5 pose easy workflow

(Photo taken with an iphone 13Pro)


While this course is all about using the things you already own... we understand the desire to shop for something special. We've included vendor links and discounts to our favorite newborn prop venders worldwide. Just in case.


(Photo taken with an iphone 13Pro)

(Photo taken with an iphone 13Pro)

Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your contact information to sign up.

Here's How it Works...

Step 01:

Within 15 minutes you will receive an email from me with login instructions. You'll have instant lifetime access and free updates!

Step 02:

Log into the program, pull up your maternity leggings and get ready to create beautiful images of your new baby!

Step 03:

1 payment of $97

soothing tips & tricks so you're not just sitting there frustrated with a crying baby 

exactly how to use your phone camera to create beautiful images, on repeat

shot list so you don't miss capturing those teeny toes or hairy shoulders

5 pose   easy  workflow - made for busy moms


Pay in full

Join DIY Newborn Photos
{Made Easy} Today

the investment

Pay monthly

soothing tricks so you're not sitting there frustrated with a crying baby 

exactly how to use your phone camera to create beautiful images, on repeat

shot list so you don't miss capturing those teeny toes or hairy shoulders

5 pose   easy  workflow - made for busy moms

as low as $11/month


soothing tricks so you're not sitting there frustrated with a crying baby 

exactly how to use your phone camera to create beautiful images, on repeat

shot list so you don't miss capturing those teeny toes or hairy shoulders

5 pose   easy  workflow - made for busy moms

You know which option I’m voting for. Because...

Before your baby is even 2 weeks old, you could be proudly sending out newborn announcements- with beautiful photos YOU took! 

In 1 month, you could be taking your baby's first milestone pictures to capture how rapidly they have grown in just the last 4 weeks.

And in a year, you could be creating a beautiful baby book showcasing the amazing changes your baby has gone through this year - that you've been able to capture yourself along the way - so you can cherish these moments long after your baby is out of diapers.

But that’s ONLY IF you choose option 3 and get the behind the scenes tricks to newborn photography AND support that you need to make your dream photos a reality.

Now you’ve got 3 choices:

You have your baby, attempt to take some photos and hope for the best. Like I did when I had my first baby. (You saw how that turned out.)


Enroll in DIY Newborn Photos {Made Easy} and take the first step towards beautiful photos you can share with pride and create on repeat as baby grows



You hire your local professional and spend $2,000+ on a handful of beautiful photos, but can't afford to do it again for each milestone.

You might be wondering...

I don't have a professional camera, can i still do this?

YES! This course was designed specifically to be used by new moms who want to take pictures using their phone cameras. You absolutely do not need a professional camera.

My phone is old, will it still work for this course?

If your camera still works then yes! Your old iphone, android or whatever you have in your pocket absolutely will work with these techniques.

My baby has already been born- is it too late?

Absolutely not- these techniques can be used with babies of any age. You could sign up tonight , watch the videos during your baby's next midnight cluster feed and be ready to take beautiful photos by their mid morning nap.

I don't have time for a big long course- how long will this take?

All of these lessons were designed for busy parents- we get right to the point so you can get started right away. The lessons are short and all under 10 minutes but is chock full of everything you need to know so you can get started while your baby is still teeny tiny.

I’m not really great with tech. Will this still work for me?

YES- this is a no experience necessary kind of course. If you have a camera phone and a baby we can teach you how to create beautiful photos.

I have a sister/friend/aunt who is going to take the pictures- can I buy this course for them?

Absolutely! Watch it together and make a plan to take beautiful photos of your precious babe.

Does this replace the need to hire a professional photographer?

We feel strongly that if you can afford to hire a professional you should! And preferably one that specializes in newborn photography. But we also understand that not every new parent can afford professional prices. This course allows all families to be able to safely capture their baby.

Will my images look exactly like a pros after I take this course?

No, of course not. Professionals spend years honing their crafts and spend thousands on both equipment and education. A smartphone will never be able to equal the quality of a professional DSLR- however- with our tips and tricks you can absolutely significantly improve your angles, positioning and lighting as well as ensure that the poses you're choosing are the ones that are safe to do at home without professional training. 

If you’re all the way at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not DIY Newborn Photos {Made Easy} is right for you.

Here’s exactly how to know:

  • You would love professional photos but it's not going to work out- either because they're too expensive, they're all booked out or you live too far away

  • Your baby needs to spend some time in the NICU and you have no idea when they'll get to come home. 

  • You hired a professional photographer and love the images - but know you can't hire them for every single milestone.

  • You have a friend/aunt/neighbor, etc who has offered to take the photos but you want to make sure your baby is safe.

  • You just love taking photos! (And you know this baby is going to be the ultimate subject matter)

DIY Newborn Photos {Made Easy} is for you iF:

  • You don't have a baby, no one you know is having a baby and you have no plans to have a baby in your world anytime in the near future.

  • You have zero interest in baby photos. You'll take a couple, sure but you're not concerned with how well they turn out.

  • You don't have an hour to spend watching videos, even if it's broken up into bite size increments.

  • You don't have a smartphone, point and shoot or camera of any nature whatsoever

and it's not for you if:

You are currently pregnant, have a baby 6months or younger and a smartphone (or camera of some kind)


If you read through that list and you’re STILL unsure...

Know that I was once exactly where you are now - anxiously awaiting my first baby, so excited to share his (sure-to-be adorable) face with our friends and family. I googled how to swaddle, tried to DIY it and am so bummed I don't have better photos of my eldest son. This program was made for the me of 11 years ago- it's the fast track to getting some beautiful photos of your new baby (and any future babies!) quickly and on repeat as they grow before your very eyes. Don't waste time trying to hack some unsafe techniques together and hope for the best. 

So, what do you say??

Are you ready to take beautiful newborn photos?

enroll today

that's me and my 3 sons- who have all grown wayyyyy too fast.

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