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...ok, I'll admit it, I love the next big idea. In a past life (ok just 9 years ago) I had a photoshop editing company and a side biz making paleo tortillas and granola. The tortillas were a phase I forget about at times when I think about how far ingrained I am in my Glean & Co world now. Yesterday I thought long and hard about starting a side business teaching other moms how to plan the ultimate extended family vacation. Like I said, multi-passionate. (Or ADHD? you decide.)

So it should come as no surprise that I needed to break up this learn space into 2 different shops. If it's ok with you I'll tell you about the differences. Or you can just stop reading, that works too. 

Hey, I'm Paige and I'm  multi-passionate

all the things with Glean & co


The first is DIY by Glean & Co. This is where I have all my classes for new parents including things like a quick start guide to taking beautiful photos in the hospital and my signature course DIY Newborn Photos {Made Easy} which teaches you how to create beautiful, studio style photos of your new baby, safely, in the comfort of your own home.

Other newborn photographers hate that I made this course, but it's what I wanted myself when I was having my first baby 12 years ago and had no clue what I was doing. It won't teach you how to become a newborn photographer- and it's meant to be supplemental to hiring a professional, not a substitute. But most importantly it teaches you how to take newborn photos safely (and with a whole lot less frustration) if you do choose to do it yourself.

And second we have our template shop, Flow and Format.  It is your one stop shop for all things newborn photography client communication. My friend and colleague Gill of Gill Hill Writing Services and I collaborated together over more than a year to create 12 different newborn photography voices. It was (and still is) a BEAST of a project to create all these variations of email templates and photography guides... but after years of buying templates myself I know firsthand that most of the time templates just don't fit. Want to know which voice is yours? Take our Flow and Format Quiz and learn all about your newborn photography brand voice to get started. 

ok, that's all of them (for now!) who knows, maybe someday soon I'll change this to give you the link to my classes for family travel. Stay tuned.