Newborn Month, Day 6

This week I’ve been telling you all about my foray into newborn photography and some of the things I’ve learned along the way. I showed you my first 2 sons disastrous newborn images and then shared how I attended a photo conference down in California.⁠

Not long after that conference, my 3rd son, Bowen, was born. I was SO excited to take his photos. Finally, I was going to have a live model to practice all the time! I had purchased so many little props and accessories, I was ready to shine.⁠

Well, as you can see, his photos aren’t nearly as horrible as his older brothers’. (if you missed them, go back 2 days to view) But they’re still not super great either and I attribute this to a complete overwhelm on my part. ⁠

I was so excited as a photographer to take his photos, but I forgot about the whole “you just had a baby,” mom part. I thought I would have so much time with a newborn in front of my camera that I didn’t really plan anything, I just figured I’d try a bunch of stuff and see what worked.⁠

I had no roadmap to follow. No workflow. And certainly no color scheme. Bowen’s photos are all over the place- none of them go together. There is no cohesive gallery just begging to be put in an album or up on the wall.⁠

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you how I’ve finally, finally solved this problem…⁠