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A month of newborns! Day 6

Newborn Month, Day 6

This week I’ve been telling you all about my foray into newborn photography and some of the things I’ve learned along the way. I showed you my first 2 sons disastrous newborn images and then shared how I attended a photo conference down in California.⁠

Not long after that conference, my 3rd son, Bowen, was born. I was SO excited to take his photos. Finally, I was going to have a live model to practice all the time! I had purchased so many little props and accessories, I was ready to shine.⁠

Well, as you can see, his photos aren’t nearly as horrible as his older brothers’. (if you missed them, go back 2 days to view) But they’re still not super great either and I attribute this to a complete overwhelm on my part. ⁠

I was so excited as a photographer to take his photos, but I forgot about the whole “you just had a baby,” mom part. I thought I would have so much time with a newborn in front of my camera that I didn’t really plan anything, I just figured I’d try a bunch of stuff and see what worked.⁠

I had no roadmap to follow. No workflow. And certainly no color scheme. Bowen’s photos are all over the place- none of them go together. There is no cohesive gallery just begging to be put in an album or up on the wall.⁠

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you how I’ve finally, finally solved this problem…⁠

lara and eric

After waiting 6 years after marriage to have children, I decided to invest in professional photos with Glean and Co. when I got pregnant. I always knew I wanted a special newborn photoshoot, but instantly all her life moments became so important to me when I knew that we were becoming a family. I’ll treasure the album and photos forever and am so grateful to Paige and Glean & Co. for the memories. 

"Make time for the pictures.
Invest in the book. You will never regret seeing your memories stitched together"


"We just absolutely love these photos.

I will never be able to put into words how much we appreciate your talent and capturing our little moment!

Thank you!"


"I am blown away by how amazing these photos are.

I am so excited to see the final album and have already changed my phone and computer screens to these new pictures."

What's your newborn photography style?


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