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You CAN take your own newborn photos, but you must know which poses are actually safe

Newborn Month, Day 5

Alright, if you’ve been following along this week, I’ve been telling the story of how I came to be a terrible newborn photographer. Now, I’m going to tell you how I was able to change that narrative. (See my 1st son’s failed photos HERE  and my second son’s terrible results HERE⁠ )

Almost 4 years ago, @JamieHubbs told me she was drowning in weddings. How she really needed some help and also how she really didn’t love newborn sessions. On a whim I told her I would happily take over all the newborns.⁠

And then fear struck me as I thought about my 2 sons and their newborn photos. How on earth was I going to not ruin Jamie’s business when I knew absolutely nothing about specializing in newborn photography!?!⁠

I started googling and found a 3 day conference down in California.⁠

Within the first hour of being there I gained more knowledge than I even thought possible. I was blown away by the simplicity of so many of the tricks I was learning and baffled that I hadn’t been able to figure them out myself. ⁠

Cause here’s the thing they don’t want you to know…You CAN take your own newborn photos, it’s just a matter of knowing which poses are actually safe for someone to take without extensive professional training and then a few tips and tricks for lighting, angles and styling. ⁠

The safest place for your baby is on the ground, on their back and looking up.

Professional newborn photographers, in my opinion, are worth every penny. But sometimes that penny isn’t available. Sometimes you have a baby in the middle of a pandemic. Sometimes, excuse my French, shit happens.⁠

But that doesn’t mean that you have to live with crappy photos of your new baby or no photos at all. It means it’s time to gain some knowledge and take matters into your own hands.⁠

More tomorrow…⁠

lara and eric

After waiting 6 years after marriage to have children, I decided to invest in professional photos with Glean and Co. when I got pregnant. I always knew I wanted a special newborn photoshoot, but instantly all her life moments became so important to me when I knew that we were becoming a family. I’ll treasure the album and photos forever and am so grateful to Paige and Glean & Co. for the memories. 

"Make time for the pictures.
Invest in the book. You will never regret seeing your memories stitched together"


"We just absolutely love these photos.

I will never be able to put into words how much we appreciate your talent and capturing our little moment!

Thank you!"


"I am blown away by how amazing these photos are.

I am so excited to see the final album and have already changed my phone and computer screens to these new pictures."

What's your newborn photography style?


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