Did you see my embarrassing post yesterday? Yep, I took that awful picture of my now 8 year old son because I truly believed I knew what I was doing despite having held about 10 babies my entire life and only having photographed like 4. I didn’t think newborns would be any different than any other subject in front of my lens.⁠⠀

Boy was I wrong.⁠⠀

So are you ready for embarrassing image #2? Here it is- one of my second son’s newborn photos 3 years later. You would think after having so badly botched my first son’s photos I’d have tried to learn something right?⁠⠀

Well, there you’d be wrong. ⁠⠀

I still strongly felt that I could do this! I had taken maybe 3 more newborn’s photos between the two of them so surely I was now an expert.⁠⠀

But did I try easier poses? Do any research on best angles or lighting for newborns? Plan things in advance or attempt to make it easier on myself in anyway? NOPE.⁠⠀

To be continued…⁠⠀