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celebrating parenthood...
its challenges, its joys and all the tiny, fleeting, full of love moments we never want to forget.

 It's easy to love our babies,
it's not always easy to feed them. 

Fed, With Love

a photography book project

Imagine having stunning photos of your baby that beautifully showcase your bonded connection.

This fleeting time in their lives where they are fully and completely reliant on you, their parent, to provide for them.

Imagine looking at these photos long after your baby is grown, instantly going back to this moment right here where they look up at you with all the trust in the world.

And as a bonus, your participation helps raise money and provide milk for tiny fragile babies in our own community

If you've been thinking about having photos taken for a while, this is the perfect opportunity.

Your Feeding Story, Celebrated

photography you'll cherish

Who it's for

What is Fed, With Love?

 it's for you if...

Fed, With Love is a brand new photography book project run by Glean & Co Photography (Boise's very best lifestyle newborn & family portrait studio) celebrating your baby's feeding story.

Whether you are breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, pumping, feeding twins, have a baby with a NG tube, a toddler who is still nursing, a combination of these things or something else entirely- your story matters. This book is a collection of love letters paired with stunning images of young pacific northwest families, just like yours, feeding their babies in a wide variety of ways.

  • You have a baby 0-5years old
  • You feed your baby
  • You love your baby
  • You already know how fast time flies
  • You want to look back on this stage long after it's gone

We are donating 10% of all sales of prints, albums, wall art and digital files to the Northwest Mother's Milk Bank, delivering human milk to Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Alaska's most fragile NICU newborns

When we have completed all the sessions, we will design and publish a beautiful hard cover coffee table book called Fed, With Love featuring our favorite photo of each baby alongside a love letter to them from their parents. 

Hate planning what everyone should wear? We've got you (and your whole family covered!)

3) access to our client closet

Our favorite image from the session + your love letter to your baby will be featured in our book Fed, With Love

2) A Double Page Spread in fed, with love

Your choice of location - choose from available spots in our lifestyle studio or at a beautiful Boise outdoor location

1) 1 hour of shooting time

Everyone is welcome! We'll take your feeding photos as well as that new family portrait and/or sibling shot at the same time.

6) include the whole family at no additional cost

We've hand picked specialty items including a copy of the book. 10% of all sales benefit the NW Mothers Milk Bank

5) special fed with love collection pricing

Sit down with us to go through all your favorites, choose from our prints and products and purchase your custom artwork

4) in person design & ordering appointment

What's Included

Who it benefits

Northwest Mother's
Milk Bank

our most fragile babies

Northwest Mothers Milk Bank (NWMMB) is a community-based, nonprofit donor milk bank established in 2008. They are an accredited member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). Their mission is to improve the health and survival of the Pacific Northwest’s most vulnerable infants. NWMMB serves hospitals and families in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Idaho. They believe every baby deserves access to human milk. 

Premature and fragile infants deserve all the support possible for a healthy outcome. Mothers whose babies arrive prematurely are often unable to produce breast milk when their babies need it most. Northwest Mothers Milk Bank supplies safe donor human milk to fragile infants, both in hospitals and at home. If a baby needs breast milk to thrive, parents who cannot breastfeed deserve fair and equitable access to donor milk.

In 2014, Evie was the first baby to receive milk from Northwest Mothers Milk Bank as a community donation. After Evie’s recovery, a community care fund was established to ensure that the processing fees for donor milk would not be a barrier for families whose infants have medical need. Evie’s Fund is available to families by application, medical prescription, and medical necessity.  

Learn more about Evie’s Fund at
Why we chose Northwest Mother's Milk Bank:

As we meet more and more new moms, we are blessed to hear their stories. Stories of trouble with milk production, latching, premature births and time spent in the NICU, health challenges, previous loss and so much more. Organizations like Northwest Mother's Milk Bank help families like the ones sitting on our couch everyday, just struggling to feed their babies and keep them safe and healthy. Help us in supporting their mission to supply safe human breastmilk to fragile NICU babies in our own PNW backyard.

I started this book project for a couple reasons- the first being entirely selfish in that I was needing a new creative outlet and wanted to explore a more intimate subject matter both in studio and outdoors.

And the second reason is that we have discovered over the last 5+ years of photographing newborns that stories matter. That whole "it takes a village" mentality is sometimes about a grandma coming over to do some laundry or hold the baby, but more often than not the village is other parents telling you what worked for them- or the challenges they faced and how they got through them. Sometimes the village is a group of care providers, sometimes its just someone to hug you when you're literally crying over spilled milk or someone to assure you that "fed is best" when you've decided to stop pumping.

We all know that parenthood is hard. We've heard hundreds of parents before us say it. But how do you know if this is just normal "babies are hard" type stuff, or something that could potentially be improved or even fixed entirely? First recognizing a problem and then knowing who to go to for help can make all the difference in the world and potentially take a colicky inconsolable baby to a smiling bundle of joy.

Your story matters. And we believe that this collection of love letters to our babies will help future mom and dads-to-be navigate their own feeding journeys.

It's easy to love our babies, it's not always easy to feed them. 

I'm Paige, and I'm so glad you're here!

my "why"

Whole Child
Feeding Therapy

We're excited to work alongside these incredible Boise postpartum support providers

Intuitive Womb

Family Seasons

Lactation, Postpartum and
CranioSacral Therapy Clinic

Massage, Postpartum Care & Resources for Moms-to-Be, New Moms & Families

Supporting feeding infants and children and empowering mothers and families through a holistic approach

The Process

Fill out our application at the top of this page to officially apply and we'll respond within 48 hours with booking options. Applications will be prioritized by participants who wish to help us raise money for Northwest Mother's Milk Bank, however, everyone is welcome to join and there is no minimum purchase required to participate. 

Step 1: Applying for Your Spot

After your application is approved we'll send you available session times & dates so you can choose the one that works best. You'll be able to book your session time directly through our website, pay your $90 participation fee, sign our modeling contract and fill out a styling questionnaire!

Step 2: Booking Your Session

After you're officially booked we'll send over our client wardrobe guide, session tips & tricks and the option to set up a pre-session consultation and fitting appointment so you can try on clothes, see all of our print and product options in person and get all kinds of excited for our session together. 

Step 3: Preparing for Your Shoot

On your big day we'll photograph your feeding journey as well as your family, individuals of all the kids and even the dog if you want to include them! We'll set up your in-person ordering appointment after the session is complete and have you back in to view your images 1-2 weeks later.

Step 4: Your Photoshoot

It's time for our favorite part- the big reveal! We'll go through each image one by one and help you make the tough decisions. After your chosen images and artwork are purchased they'll be edited to perfection and sent to our professional labs. Any purchased digital files will be delivered via web gallery. 

Step 5: Your Ordering Appointment

As soon as all Fed, With Love sessions have been completed we will select our favorite image to include within the book. Our editor will be available to help you write your love letter to your baby and you'll get to see the layout before it ever goes to print! Official book release date is estimated for May 2023

Step 6: You're in a Book!

Love Notes

Mo Newman,
fed with love participant

"Our family enjoyed our entire experience with Glean&Co from scheduling the sesssion to taking photos in the studio. We always felt cared for and honored as Paige took our photos. We would recommend Glean&Co for any of those special moments. !"

Caitlin Hart
newborn client & fed with love participant

"I was happy with how supported I felt. I didn't get anxious when my baby got fussy as Paige would just hold my baby and soothe him with ease. I really felt that time for a fussy baby was built in our session to help me relax and just let it all be."

"supportive and comfortable environment - and champagne!"

graci meier
fed with love participant

"excellent experience that was the epitome of a professional photography session geared for families "

"Enjoyed it all!"

The images from the session are not included within the participation fee. During your design and ordering appointment we will show you your images for the first time and help you select the very best of the best.

We have special collection pricing just for our Fed, With Love participants as well as all of our regular items including albums, framed wall art & digital files. Prints begin at $60, Digital Files at $190 and Collections at $590.

10% of all sales benefit the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank.

What's Not Included

1 Hour of Shooting Time
Access to Client Closet
Wardrobe Styling Guide
In Person Design & Ordering Appt

Not Included:
Images are purchased separately
Find out more about our pricing and products here.

Participation Fee


Fed, With Love

What's Included

  • Your choice of studio or outdoor location with available options on both weekdays and weekends at a variety of times.

  • Mens, Womens & Childrens photoshoot ready clothing available to borrow 

  • Personalized ordering appointment where we help you select your favorites and purchase keepsake artwork

  • Include the whole family for no additional cost!


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Your baby is only this small once. Capture these fleeting moments with a special photoshoot of cherished images... along with a generous donation to babies in need.

Bring joy to your walls and help a family in need this fall!

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Yes! Fed, With Love sessions are the perfect time to get not only that special feeding moment captured, but also an updated family portrait (fully clothed!), sibling shots, the image for your holiday card, gifts for the grandparents and so much more- all while supporting Northwest Mothers Milk bank!

can you take non-feeding photos at the same time?

Fed, With Love sessions will be published in a coffee table book, therefore a signed model release allowing us to show your images is required. However, we are more than happy to do a private feeding session for you separately from Fed, With Love! Visit our Boise Breastfeeding page to learn more. 

can i keep my images private?

Digital files are purchased separately from the $90 participation fee. We know how important having a digital copy is so we include a matching digital file with every print or product purchased. 

are the digital files included?

No! We celebrate love and parenthood. While you'll see the word "mom" a lot on this website, please know that if your child is blessed to have a loving family made up of parents who do not fit traditional mom/dad roles you are welcome here. Join us in documenting love and family of every variety.

is this only for moms?

Any journey is welcome! Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, have a baby with medical complications, a breastfeeding toddler or something else entirely your story is welcome in this book and we'd love to hear more about you and your babies.

what types of feeding count?

Yes! And you get to decide what you're comfortable with. You'll always get approval before any images are shared or go to print. We aim to create beautiful timeless images not a peep show!

will these photos be tasteful?

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