Yesterday I found out that a friend of mine (also a photographer) lost his house in the Oregon fires. ALLLLLLLL of his files both personal and professional are gone, along with so many special items and heirlooms.
Don’t wait for the smoke to clear…today is the day to backup all of your files.
Here’s 3 ways you can prevent losing all of the precious moments you can never get back.
  1. Join the cloud. Lightroom is $9.99 a month and not only can backup all your files, but you can edit your files like a pro across both your phone and your computer. Want to search for files back from 1999? No problem. Want to see all your files of just one person? It can do that. (Check out how I set mine up by joining our free Facebook group: How to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids)
  2. Get 2 new external hard-drives, backup everything and then send one harddrive somewhere safe- away from your house- and keep the second as backup. (I ordered myself a new hard drive this morning after hearing the news)
  3. Print your files. About 5 years ago my oldest was 3 and stuck a pen in the case of my external hard drive. I lost several big chunks of files, including our 2009 trip to South Africa. The only thing i have left from that magical trip are a handful of files I had uploaded to Facebook and the 4 prints I have on my walls. I realize this doesn’t help if your house goes up in flames. But it absolutely helps for broken technology!
Alright friends, keep each other (and your memories) safe and stay inside out of this yucky smoke!