Preparing For Your Newborn Photo Session

The time has come for you to set up your newborn photo session. Excellent! Hiring a professional newborn photographer is a great way to commemorate the birth of your child and create a keepsake at the same time. You will likely be sending out pictures to loved ones, and probably posting them on social media too. So how do you prepare for the session? Glean and Co offers a few tips to get the most out of this all important session. 

Where To Start

Plan ahead. A newborn photo is just that-a newborn photo. Typically you want to get them done before the baby is ten days old, this is the perfect time frame. It will give them enough time to shed the “in utero” look and still fit into the newborn category. In order to hit this window, you will need to do your research, selection, and set up a session with your photographer of choice while you are still pregnant. A lot of photographers keep their schedules booked pretty solid so you want to set up something now in order to get the shot while your baby is still in that sweet spot for a photo.

Look at portfolios, ask questions and establish your own parameters. How far are you willing to travel to snap the right shot, and what is your budget? If cost is an issue for you, as it is for many people, don’t just settle on what you can afford. There is a photographer out there that fits your budget, style and location.  


Prepare Yourself

It is important to remember that newborn photography is not a science. Babies wiggle. A lot. Between that, pooping, feeding, and anything else that might come up , you need to be prepared. It won’t just be a quick click and you’re done. Talk to your newborn photographer about your expectations and your requirements during the planning phase. A few good topics to discuss are what their style and approach is, what your photographer expects of you, the focus of the session, lighting and temperature, and quality vs. quantity. 

Time to Shoot

The big day has arrived…it is time for your newborn photo session and you are pumped. Go through your list of things to do to get the baby ready for the session and check everything off. You will need to feed and change the baby right before the session. Try to keep him awake for 1-2 hours before the session starts and pray that it will be nap time when you get there. Make sure he or she is dressed in the right clothes and bring a backup outfit just in case anything goes wrong. Have a pacifier or any other little accessories ready. Your photographer will likely have a white noise machine on hand to soothe the baby if they get cranky. That’s pretty much it. For a great memorable experience and photograph you have to be prepared. 

Experience is Important with a Newborn Photo Session

Because newborns can be more challenging, it is a good idea to go with a photographer with a proven track record. Experienced newborn photographers know what it takes to get the right shots and how to do them safely. If you hire an experienced pro, most of the other tips above plus ones we haven’t covered will be taken care of for you.  


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