Maternity Photos: Are You Ready?

If you are expecting a child, one of the best ways to share this joy is to have maternity photographs taken. When considering maternity photos, you need to ask yourself, “when, where, and how?”. Getting a maternity photo session is a great way to capture a moment that will never happen again for that child. It is a once in a lifetime deal. Sure, you may have more children, but each baby has a special connection with mom. So how do you start? First, ask yourself questions. Write them down and when you have found the answers, write those down too. 

When the Time is Right

Many women ask, “when should I get my maternity photos taken?” Most experts suggest getting them done in the seventh or eighth month, or around 30 – 36 weeks. If you are expecting multiples, things change. You will be getting bigger sooner, so you want to take the photos around week 24 while you can still move around safely and comfortably. Timing is important because you will want to be round enough to show off your belly properly, with a nice full shape. A prominent baby bump is delightful. If you wait until late in your pregnancy at around 35 weeks or more, chances are that you will be too miserable to really enjoy the experience and put your best face forward. Or worse yet, may go into early delivery and miss the opportunity altogether. This means that you need to prepare at the beginning of your pregnancy. There is a lot that goes into choosing a photographer, and after you do so, you need to schedule a session right away. Most professional photographers keep their schedules pretty booked. You need to make sure that you can get in to see the one you have chosen on time, or else you may not be happy with the results. 

Where is it Going to Happen?

This is an important consideration to make. Outdoor photographs are lovely, but what time of year will it be when your session comes? You won’t want to freeze to death during the shoot, but you also don’t want to be sweating bullets. And if your seventh or eight month comes during the summer, you will be doing just that. Indoor shoots are also lovely. Most photographers have an array of props and backdrops to set up just the right conditions for you. A benefit to this is that you will not have random people wandering in and out of view of the camera. The space and time will be all yours. You may be more comfortable inside as well. Let’s face it, pregnancy equals discomfort, especially as you get further along.  

What to Wear?

Your outfit will be key. Colors can affect the way we look, whether our photograph is flattering or not. Many maternity photographers in Boise suggest wearing something white or a pastel color. Don’t go for a trendy look. Twenty years from now you will still want to be able to look back at the photo without being distracted by some awful trend that died a couple of decades ago. Simple and neutral is best for avoiding distractions from the subject, which is you! Avoid heavy makeup and make sure that your dress or outfit accentuates your bump. All of these things will result in beautiful maternity photos you can cherish forever.


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