It’s October Ya’ll.⁠

I’m not sure what it is about October that makes me want to be from the south, but there you have it, a ya’ll on this beautiful, sunny and 81° day here in Boise, Idaho.⁠

I, for one, am thrilled that it’s October because that means it’s time to kick off our month of newborns! 30 days of cute babies? Yes, please. But the big question is this:⁠

You know how a group of bees is a swarm, there’s a tower of giraffes and a group of crows is a murder?? What the heck do you call a bunch of newborns? Come on creatives, I need your help, share in the comments! ⁠

Some embarrassing stuff to share with you over the next week and all kids of fun ahead. Stay tuned.⁠

Xoxo, Paige.⁠

p.s. I just found out that a group of moles is apparently called a labor. Who knew?⁠