The 5 most overused photoshoot locations in Boise

If you live in Boise and have a lot of local friends, chances are a good proportion of your Holiday cards have pretty similar shots. Boise is an outdoor city, and we get great Fall colors. But if you want to stand out from all the other family photos, you might want to think outside the standard choices. Before you decide where to have your family photos taken this year, check out this list of places that everyone visits so that you can avoid them. It’s not that they’re not great spots- they are beautiful! However, standing in line waiting your turn to have photos taken in the same place as the families ahead of you is never fun. For some ideas about where to go instead, download our Free guide- What to Wear and Where to Wear It!

1. The Rose Garden
This is a beautiful spot in Boise, and we love to visit it. But it doesn’t make for great photos. As people walk around enjoying the gardens you may feel self-concious and depending on the time of day and direction of the sun, photographers have to work to avoid getting any of the parking lot in the background. The park is very manicured, which generally doesn’t lend itself well to a natural feel for your photos. 

2. Boise Train Depot
This is one of the most popular spots for senior and engagement photos. The lighting isn’t the greatest, except for at very specific times of day. As a result, there will often be a line of photographers and their clients waiting to take photos on the same rock in front of the fountain. The inside of the building is beautiful but limited hours and special events make it a hard space to get into. Big crowds and overuse make this location a no for us. 

3. Anne Frank Memorial and the 8th St. Bridge
While this historic trestle bridge seems like a perfect spot for photos, we warn clients that the number of cyclists and pedestrians means it’s hard to get a great photo that focuses solely on your family. This spot is often used by other photographers for mini-sessions because it has a lot of different textures and backdrops in a small vicinity, which is great…..except you’ll be battling with all those other families to find space so it won’t feel very personalized. 

4. Kathryn Albertson park

This park off Americana Boulevard is a favorite with many photographers and families. It’s fantastic for a stroll with your family on a beautiful sunny day, but not our favorite for taking pictures. The biggest reason we avoid it: Photographers swarm the park throughout October. Limited parking at peak times, and the push for everyone to get their photos taken in close proximity means you’ll once again be shuffling around and having to jump in quickly at the right opportunity. None of this leads to the kind of relaxed experience that produces great, natural photos.

5. Boise River in Eagle behind Bella Aquilla

Although gorgeous, the available area where we can take great photos is limited, and so many people want photos taken there during peak Fall season, it really feels as if you’re on an assembly line of family photo sessions. Depending on the weather it can also be a muddy, wet spot with few spaces for seated photos. 

Want to know some better places to go? We can help with that! Download our guide- What to Wear and Where to Wear It- to find out all about how to prepare for your photoshoot, and where you can go in and around Boise for some fantastic and unique photos. With just a little work we can easily help you pick a location that means something to you as a family, allows your personalities to shine through, and provides a more enjoyable and relaxed experience for everyone, leading to some great photos.

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