In Person Service Newborn Photographers

This week we learned about the different types of newborn photography styles and now we’re breaking down the 2 service models (which apply to all photography genres- newborn, maternity and family alike!)⠀

Type 1: IPS⠀

The photographers that offer printed products are typically called IPS photographers, or in person sales, but I like to call it in person SERVICE- because that’s what it’s all about. ⠀

✔️Serve you by offering printed options and helping you pick which is best for you, your family and your home.⠀

✔️Spend a lot more time with their clients- They hold your hand through the entire process from outfit choices to album layouts and everything in between.⠀

✔️A luxury approach to photography- everything is done for you. ⠀

How they are priced:⠀

✔️Typically charge a lower session fee or retainer than the upfront costs of a Type 2 photographer (see tomorrow’s post for info about Type 2!) Usually this fee includes a sit down meeting before hand to plan the session, the photography session itself and an ordering session where you see your images for the first time and decide what you’d like to order.⠀

✔️The retainer fee does not include any digital files or printed products (though occasionally photographers will include a product credit to be used toward your order) Printed products and digital files are purchased separately.⠀

✔️Actual prices depend on the particular photographer and the quality of products that they’re offering you. It’s always good to go in and look at their samples before booking to make sure that the type of products they offer are what you would want to purchase. ⠀


In Boise, ID a typical IPS Photographer will have a session fee around $100-$300 and clients typically spend anywhere from $500-5000 during their ordering session. ⠀

If you’re thinking “wait, that’s a massive price range!” That’s because it is- remember yesterday’s reference to buying a couch? Some people come into the furniture store and just get an end table while others get an end table, a couch, 2 side chairs, a new chandelier, and a fancy potted plant for the far corner.⠀

The end price is decided by you as the customer and what products you purchase for your home.



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