Do you love to craft? 🙋🏼‍♀️⁠

You’re a scrapbooker at heart, you do all the projects, you make all the messes, you are a CREATOR.⁠

Well, then when you’re choosing your newborn photographer, you’re probably going to want to choose someone who pushes the button for you, but ultimately hands you the files to do what you wish with them after the fact.⁠

You want a shoot & share photographer.⁠

Type 2 in our breakdown of pricing/service models!⁠

✔️A shoot and share photographer will book your session via email or online booking (though occasionally over the phone)- then a week or two after the session will provide images via web gallery with a download PIN.⁠

✔️There is a wide range of what Shoot and Share photographers offer in terms of services- some are involved in the entire planning of the session and offer many client resources- others are not and it is largely up to you to decide on things like wardrobe and location.⁠

How they are priced:⁠

✔️Typically it’s a one time fee of a certain amount that includes your session, as well as all of your images -or- the session plus a certain number of images with the ability to add on more images after the session is over. ⁠

✔️Web galleries often offer access to professional printing services but they come without the in person assistance or design services that an IPS photographer would offer.⁠

✔️A shoot and share photographer is usually less expensive than your standard IPS photographer because they are not spending nearly as much time with each individual client. They have lower overhead without printed products and are able to offer their digital files at a much lower bulk session rate. ⁠

In Boise, Idaho you’ll find shoot & share newborn photographers starting around the $300-$1000 range, some offering all-inclusive packages and others with options to add on additional digital images. ⁠