What type of newborn photographer should you hire for your new baby? Take the Quiz!

This week I went over the 3 big newborn photography styles, plus that 4th option of a combo of styles (my favorite!) ⁠
1) Studio⁠
2) Lifestyle⁠
3) Outdoor⁠
4) Combo⁠

as well as the two pricing models and how they differ⁠
1) In Person Service⁠
2) Shoot & Share⁠

and now it’s up to you! No one can tell you the right decision to make for your child and what’s right for your best friend or neighbor may not be what’s right for YOU.⁠

Want some more help deciding the best fit for your family? Take the QUIZ and report back! Are you lifestyle through and through, prefer the polished perfection of the studio or the wild beauty of the great outdoors?⁠

I wish you the best of luck finding the perfect photographer for your growing family!