Do you feel overwhelmed? 🤰⁠

You read last week’s rundown of all the newborn styles and service models and felt paralyzed by options.⁠

You thought to yourself “Could I just take the images myself instead?”⁠

✨The answer is yes, yes you CAN take your own newborn photos- but not on a whim.✨⁠

Your baby’s safety are too important and this tiny window is too short. ⁠

You need a plan. And a roadmap to success.⁠
You need to avoid overwhelm during a time when overwhelm couldn’t be greater (4th trimester in a pandemic!?!) and you need to capitalize on this itty bitty timeframe when your baby is itty bitty. ⁠

Because believe me, that baby will be grown before you can say “I can’t believe he’s already _______”⁠

This week I’m going to give you the top 5 mistakes new parents make when photographing their new baby. Can you guess #1???⁠

Until tomorrow,⁠
Paige ⁠