Baby Photography Mistake #1:⁠
Taking their safety for granted.⁠

A couple years ago I went to a newborn photography conference where the instructor was teaching how to pose a baby in a bucket.⁠

She had a completely asleep model in front of her and was explaining the need for an assistant whose hands could be within reach of the baby at all times in case the baby startled. ⁠

The model suddenly flailed his arms back and looked like he was going to throw his entire body out of the bucket. The instructor calmly put her hand on his head, holding him securely in place and smiled.⁠

It was like she had planned it.⁠

The perfect timing and demonstration of why you should never assume a baby was safe in a pose– even for just a split second while your push the shutter. Even if they look deeply and completely asleep.⁠

Baby Photography mistake #1 is their safety. People assume it’s safe to {fill in the blank}.⁠

When photographing your baby at home, the safest place is at ground level, on their back, looking up. And you should always use an assistant- dad, grandma, aunt, any adult will do- who has hands within reach at all times.⁠