Baby Photography Mistake #2:⁠ Ghoul Lighting 👶🏼📷⁠⠀

Oooooh, it’s spooky halloween! 👻

Except…let’s maybe not light our newborn babies like it is?

Ghoul lighting, or monster lighting is when someone is lit from underneath the chin with the light moving up their face. It’s pretty rare for this to happen to adults unless it’s intentional but it’s very easy to do with babies without even realizing it.

Most people want to put baby’s legs towards the window so that the light is illuminating their face, I suggest you go against these instincts and turn them the other way. (I know, I know)

When the light hits the top of the head first, it softly travels down the baby’s body creating beautiful highlights and shadows around their teeny tiny delicate features.

How to tell if you’ve got monster lighting? Look at the bottom of your baby’s nose- if it’s bright, you want to rotate baby so the light is coming from the top of their head. 💡