The Best Boise Fall Family Photo Locations 2023

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There’s a wide range of options for autumn family portraits in Boise. How (and where?) will you take yours this year? To help you decide, here’s our list of the best Boise fall family photo locations 2023.

Best Outdoor Photo Locations for Fall in Boise

Updated family portraits are the perfect opportunity to explore the greater Boise outdoors. We recommend thinking outside the traditional (and often wildly busy) photo opp spots like the Boise Train Depot and Kathryn Albertson Park. Instead, consider somewhere unique and off the beaten path for an epic adventure.

Some general inspiration for outdoor family photo locations this autumn:

  • Why not choose somewhere with a body of water? Still water and even rivers can offer stunning reflections of fall foliage, creating a picturesque seasonal setting for family portraits.
  • Autumn is a gorgeous time of year, so pick out a location with vibrant trees and leaves to capture the essence of the season.
  • For something a little different, you might consider an urban area with colorful fall decorations. There are several nice places around town that have a great vibe at this time of year.
  • Whatever you choose, do your research (or just ask us!) so you can avoid the crazy busy and popular spots, especially if you’re doing your photoshoot on an October weekend. Instead of being a relaxing and fun family experience, it can quickly turn stressful as you wait for your turn at the red tree to smile and say cheese for the camera.

Here are a few of our favorite spots for fall family pictures. These are just as pretty as the more traditional places and usually much less crowded.

Parks and Nature Reserves

Foothills, baby! We love these in all seasons, and the Boise foothills are just as beautiful in fall as they are in spring. Boise is full of trails, so it’s easy to find a patch that’s more peaceful and secluded than Cottonwood Creek Trailhead where everyone else is meeting up. We love the Three Bears Trail off Military Reserve instead.

Family seated on blanket in the foothills of Boise Idaho in fall

Orchards, Pumpkin Patches, Farms, and Barns

We love the apple orchards out in Kuna and Emmett where it’s more about nature and less about the crowds. These more rustic locales always have fun and unique places for the perfect family portrait.

Lakes and Rivers

Lucky Peak is always a fun choice, and it’s just off the path enough to not be quite as crowded as some other spots along the Boise River. We also really like Veterans Memorial Park for that greenbelt vibe.

Urban Locations with Fall Decorations

Check out Harrison Avenue for all things Halloween! Of course, it gets crowded once it’s actually Halloween, so plan your session for earlier in October so you don’t get caught up in hordes of trick-or-treaters. Hyde Park is another picture-perfect location if you dig that small town urban vibe.

Historic Sites or Architectural Landmarks

If you love infusing your family history with a bit of local history, we particularly love Swan Falls Dam. Built 122 years ago in 1901 to generate power, Swan Falls is the oldest hydroelectric dam on the Snake River. It offers gorgeous canyon views and plenty of places to hike and explore.

Little girl in white dress and beret walking near Swan Falls Dam in Idaho

Off the Beaten Path

Looking for somewhere off the beaten path? You can’t do better than Bruneau Sand Dunes. We think this location is beautiful all year long, but the early sunset times make this a much easier location in the fall than in the summer. Note that the Sand Dunes are a good hour drive from Boise, so pack some car snacks.

Woman in green maternity dress and felt hat walking on Bruneau Sand Dunes

Best Indoor Locations for Family Photos in Boise

If an outdoor photoshoot isn’t convenient for you, or maybe it’s a bit later in the fall, you might want to consider an indoor photography session instead. Our favorite spots are simple. Your place or ours?

In Studio

We’ll tailor your studio shoot to your preferences of formal or more casual. We can still get an autumn vibe inside with the right outfits, colors, and cozy props. Many Boise photography studios offer stylized setups during the holidays if that best suits your needs. And of course, there’s no need to worry about the weather derailing your plans!

Family seated on couch and laughing in Boise, Idaho photography studio for fall family photoshoot

In Your Home

Yes, you can have fall family photos taken at home and they’re beautiful! Kids are often more comfortable in their own surroundings, and at home lifestyle photos have a more relaxed feel. Consider a big farm table dinner in the backyard, a jump in your community pool, or just hanging out on your own porch swing.

You really don’t have to travel anywhere to have amazing portraits. Sometimes, the most meaningful place to take family photos is at home, capturing the coziness and love shared within your family environment.

A Few Other Things to Consider When Planning Your Boise Fall Family Photos

To ensure you have the best experience possible, there are just a couple of other things you’ll want to keep in mind:


If you’re planning an outdoor photo session, keep an eye on the weather. Wind, rain, an early snowfall, or even just a particularly chilly day can make taking pictures more challenging. Schedule your session when the weather should be good. And if you can, be flexible. You’ll often have a much more pleasant experience rescheduling a session if the weather looks iffy than you will trying to forge ahead in less than ideal conditions.


Evenings (about an hour before sunset) and early mornings offer the best natural light for photography. If you can, plan your session for one of these times so you can create those soft, warm tones in your pictures.

Location Policies

Always check with the locations you plan to visit to ensure they are open to the public on the date you plan to visit. You should also check if they have any restrictions or fees for photography.

Boise Fall Family Photographer

We can’t wait to hear where you choose for family photos this year. Maybe you’ll choose from our best Boise fall family photo locations 2023…or maybe you’ll discover a new favorite of your own! Either way, we’ll be here to help you capture the moments and memories that make life precious.

If you’re ready for an amazing fall family photoshoot experience, book your session today! We’re happy to help you with all the details, from choosing a location to handpicking outfits, and from scheduling a date all the way down to delivering your beautiful artwork. Can’t wait to celebrate and document this season of life with you!


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