How to Find the Best Boise Photographer for Your Family

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Wondering how to find the best Boise photographer for your family?

Photography is a saturated market, no doubt about it. Do a search for family photographers in Boise and you’ll come up with literally hundreds of results. If you haven’t ever had family photos taken, this can feel overwhelming! How do you even begin to narrow down your search?

While choosing a photographer does take some thought and effort, it really comes down to knowing what you want. In this post, we’ll cover the why, what, when, where, and how of finding the right photographer for you and your family, so you can feel confident that you’ve chosen a professional who will capture what you really want…all while making the process a little less painful!


The first and most important question you have to ask yourself is why. Why do you want to have professional family photos taken in the first place?

This can be super specific (i.e. “I want personalized photos to use for Christmas cards this year”) or more general (i.e. “I feel like I’ve blinked and my baby has gone from bundle-in-arms to about-to-start-kindergarten. I just want to hold on to these moments before they’re gone!”)

Whatever your reason, knowing your why can help you connect with photographers who specialize in what you want and share those same goals.

For Glean & Co., photos are memories. They should be a powerful reminder of the tiny, precious details that are part of your life right now!


Now that you know your why, it’s time to consider some of the whats. Like:

What’s your budget? Like with anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Know how much you want to spend, and determine whether that’s flexible or not. Would you go a little higher for that perfect photographer, or is your budget fixed and you might have to settle for second-best? Know this ahead of time so you can manage your expectations.

What’s your style? Do you like candid or posed? Highly styled, or something a little more casual? Maybe you love the documentary lifestyle look or something with a touch of humor. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to style. It truly is about personal preference. But you want to make sure your photographer can deliver the style you love.

What do you want to do with your images after the fact? Would you rather spend $1000 for a disk of 200 photos…even if that one perfect family shot you were hoping for isn’t in the bunch? Or would you rather spend the same amount and have one perfect photo framed on your wall, a moment that can become part of your family’s story?

At Glean & Co., we prefer a documentary lifestyle look that captures your family in the most genuine way possible. We go for real smiles and giggles and a natural experience geared to the ages and personalities of your family members. And we are all about physical artwork that can be touched, loved, and passed down to future generations.


You’ve got your why. You’ve considered your whats. The next thing to look at is when.

When is your photographer available? Good photographers book up early. We’re talking SUPER early. If possible, plan ahead so you can book with a photographer you really love.

When do you want your photos taken? This is not only about scheduling and availability. It’s also about what would work best for the season (especially if you’re planning an outdoor session).

When will your photographer get back to you? There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work with a photographer who takes weeks to reply to a simple email. How responsive a photographer is says a lot about their professionalism, so pay attention to how quickly they get back to you when you reach out to inquire about services.


Another important thing to consider is: Where do you want your photos taken? Many photographers (Glean & Co. included!) offer both studio and outdoor options to fit a variety of needs. Check with your photographer to see what their studio is like or whether they have location suggestions. If you have your heart set on a particular locale, make sure that’s somewhere your potential photographer is able/willing to shoot at. And don’t forget to take driving distance into account! How far are you willing to travel for the perfect photographer?


Now that you’ve gotten most of your questions answered, there’s just one big one left:

How much work do you want to do, and how much work do you want your photographer to do for you?

Don’t underestimate the importance of this one. We’ve heard of far too many people who choose the digital photo route, only to discover that they don’t really know how to translate those files into beautiful prints and artwork. If you’re a DIYer who loves styling outfits and knows exactly how to crop, save, and size your photos (not to mention which lab to order them from for the best results at the cheapest price) then an all-inclusive photographer is probably the way to go.

But…if you’re struggling with what to wear, you’ll want to choose a photographer who provides a what-to-wear guide. If you don’t have time to go clothes shopping for coordinating outfits for the entire family, you’ll want to choose a photographer with a client closet. And if you don’t know the first thing about ppi, dpi, crop ratios, or wall art styling, you’ll definitely want to choose a photographer who does all of that technical stuff for you.

We can tell you from experience that most people are much happier booking a full-service photographer. A full-service photographer will hold your hand through the entire process. Once you’ve chosen a photographer you can trust, everything else should take care of itself. Because when you trust your photographer and their process, you can sit back and enjoy yourself. You can hand off the stressful details and just savor being with the ones you love, knowing that you’ll be able to continue to feel that love through your photos, long after the moment is over. And THAT is what family photography is really all about.

The Best Boise Photographer for Your Family

Are you ready to make time for memories? We are seriously hoping you’ve decided that Glean & Co. is the best Boise photographer for your family! From scheduling to choosing a location, from selecting beautiful outfits to creating stunning albums and wall art—we’ll be there to help you with every last detail. Book a consultation and decide for yourself whether Glean & Co. is the right Boise photographer to capture your family’s memories!


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