Navigating Motherhood in Boise, Idaho: Your Essential Resources Guide

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Becoming a mother in Boise, Idaho is a unique journey filled with excitement and questions. To support you every step of the way, our team at Glean & Co has curated a list of essential tools and resources tailored to the Boise community in our Pregnant in Boise guide. From pregnancy to postpartum, these local resources are mom-tested and mom-approved providers who can give you the support and information you need. Subscribe to our newsletter to get our essential resources guide for navigating motherhood in Boise, plus a little extra something-something to use towards your luxury maternity or newborn photoshoot experience with Glean & Co.

In addition to our guide, there are also tons of incredible web resources and apps (download these from Apple or Google Play, depending on your device) that can help you on your motherhood journey in the Treasure Valley. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites here. (And if you’re already a mama and have some favorite resources of your own, whether local or on the web, we hope you’ll pass them on in the comments!)

Pregnancy and Health

The journey begins! And you’re going to want to follow along on every step. These are our top picks for pregnancy trackers. They’ll allow you to get updates on baby’s development, reach out for support from a community of other moms and moms-to-be, and keep track of prenatal wellness habits like exercise and nutrition, so you can make sure you’re giving yourself and your baby the very best of care.

  1. The Bump or BabyCenter:
    • Both of these sites include comprehensive pregnancy trackers with week-by-week information and community support.
  2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker:
    • Personalized pregnancy tracking app with daily updates and health information.
  3. MyFitnessPal Pregnancy Tracker:
    • Perfect for tracking nutrition and exercise during pregnancy with a focus on well-being.

Mental Health and Wellness

Pregnancy and the postpartum experience both come with a ton of hormonal changes and big emotions. It’s super important to take care of your mental and emotional health both before and after you welcome baby into the world. These resources are great for helping you feel grounded and serene during these sometimes tumultuous months. (Note: While apps and websites can be helpful, they are no substitute for medical expertise. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression or struggling in a way that these resources don’t seem to be helping with, please seek medical assistance so that you can get the care you need.)

  1. Expectful
    • Guided meditation and mindfulness app specifically designed for pregnancy and motherhood.
  2. Postpartum Support International (PSI)
    • Offers resources and a helpline for postpartum depression and mental health support.
  3. Calm or Head
    • Both of these are general mindfulness and meditation apps that can be particularly beneficial during pregnancy and postpartum.
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Community and Support

Community and Support

You are not alone in this journey of navigating motherhood in Boise, Idaho. Hundreds of other women in Boise are on the same adventure—and millions more across the globe are learning to be moms right along with you. Connecting with other moms who are in the same boat can help you to feel confident and secure, so tap into their support and expertise through these online resources.

  1. What to Expect Community
    • Online forums and community for expectant and new mothers to share experiences and ask questions.
  2. Peanut
    • A social networking app for mothers to connect, share advice, and meet local moms.
  3. La Leche League International
    • Support for breastfeeding mothers, including local group meetings.

Education and Information

There is so much to learn at each new stage of your mothering, and so many decisions to be made. These educational resources can give you the information you need to parent effectively and make informed decisions about baby’s long-term health and well-being.

  1. The Wonder Weeks
    • Provides information about developmental leaps in babies, helping parents understand and support their child’s growth.
  2. KellyMom
    • Evidence-based breastfeeding and parenting information.
  3. Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation
    • Information on cord blood banking and its potential benefits.
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Fitness and Nutrition

It can be challenging to stay fit while pregnant. We love these apps that provide exercise programs and nutrition tips designed for expectant moms.

  1. The Healthy Mummy or Kayla Itsines’ Sweat App
    • Both of these apps provide pregnancy-safe workout programs and nutrition guides.

Baby Care and Parenting

Once your little one is here, the fun really begins! There are so many questions from day one—and they just keep coming as baby grows and develops. These resources should answer many of your questions and give you some great ideas and tools for those first years of baby’s life, all the way from newborn to toddler.

  1. BabyCenter:
  1. Yep, this is one we told you about right at the beginning. As well as pregnancy resources, this site also offers information on transitioning from pregnancy to parenting, as well as information on baby development and care.
  2. Happiest Baby on the Block:
    • Resources and tools for soothing a newborn, based on the book by Dr. Harvey Karp, which you can also purchase through the site.
  3. Feeding Littles:
    • Online courses and resources for introducing solids and establishing healthy eating habits with littles.

Download Your Local Guide for Navigating Motherhood in Boise, Idaho

We hope these resources help you embark on your journey of navigating motherhood in Boise, Idaho with confidence. Again, if you’d like an in-depth guide to local providers and resources, hand-picked by the Glean & Co team and trusted by Idaho moms, download our free guide, “Pregnant in Boise” by subscribing to our email list. We’ll send you the download link in your very first email. Get your copy now and discover the amazing support network Boise has to offer for expectant and new mothers. And allow us to be one of the first to say, Congratulations on your pregnancy, and welcome to motherhood in Boise!


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