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I'm a mom, just like you. I've blinked and my 3 boys have jumped from babies to kids and I wholeheartedly agree believe that creating & capturing special memories together matters more than anything.

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Not gonna lie—here at Glean & Co, we LOVE seeing you and your baby in the studio! But we also believe that every mom should have beautiful pictures of her newborn. And we know that life happens, and sometimes hiring a professional newborn photographer isn’t the right choice for you. We get it. Which is why we’re so excited to announce our DIY newborn photography course!

We so wish this course had been around when we were new mamas. In fact, time for a confession:

OK, This is Embarrassing, But…

I may be a professional newborn photographer now, and owner of my own luxury lifestyle studio, but when I had my first baby, I knew nothing about newborn photography. And yet I didn’t even think about hiring a pro. I was positive that I could get great pictures of my son with no prior training. How hard could it be?

Boy, was I in for a wakeup call!

My first DIY photoshoot with my infant son did not go well. The angle was never quite right. His face was hidden in shadow or blanket half the time. The lighting was weird, the sheet I was using was all wrinkly, and no matter what angle I tried I always seemed to be looking straight up his nose.

What was I doing wrong?

As it turned out, I was just missing a few essential pieces of knowledge. Because the truth is, newborn photography is unlike any other kind of photography, and it requires special know-how and skills.

And while this course won’t turn you into a professional newborn photographer, it will give you the tips and tricks I was missing. Those essential secrets that can take your DIY baby photos from awkward to awesome.

What Our DIY Newborn Photography Course Covers

With this course, we break down the process of creating beautiful baby pictures into a few easy steps.

We’ll cover:

  • All the essential equipment you need to take great pictures of your newborn at home. (Hint: The only thing you really need is a camera. And that can totally be a smartphone camera!)
  • How to set up your own little home studio space using items you already have lying around.
  • How to find the perfect lighting in your home. (Yes, every home has great lighting. It’s just a matter of finding it and knowing how to use it.)
  • Ways to position baby and angle your shots to highlight your newborn’s adorable features.
  • Basic newborn safety, so that you can get a variety of great photos without disturbing baby or compromising their safety.
  • Our very favorite baby poses for newborns that are easy for beginners and safe for your precious bundle.
  • Plus, our favorite vendor links and discounts to our favorite newborn prop vendors worldwide. Just in case you can’t resist splurging on a special something for your DIY newborn photoshoot. Been there!
DIY Newborn photo taken with an iphone 13

How to Sign Up for Glean and Co’s DIY Course and Start Taking Better Baby Pictures

Signing up is just as easy as the program! Go to our course info page, scroll to the bottom, and enter your contact information to sign up. Within 15 minutes you’ll receive an email with login instructions. Glean and Co’s DIY newborn photography course will be officially released on March 15th, 2024! Once the course opens, all you have to do is log in, pull up those maternity leggings, and get ready to create beautiful images of your new baby—right from the comfort of your own home.

We know that new and expectant moms don’t have all the time in the world. So we keep our lessons short and to the point, going right to the heart of what you need to know. And in easy-to-understand language! No technical terms like “exposure triangle” and “aperture” around here. The total course time is just a little over an hour and yet it’s chock full of all the essentials and behind-the-scenes secrets of newborn photography that will have you creating your own beautiful baby pictures in no time.

Is a DIY Newborn Photoshoot the Right Call for You?

Let’s take a look. This course is perfect for you if:

  • You are a super busy mama. If you’re stressing out about finding the time to figure out which baby photographer to hire, decipher their pricing, and then reach out and get on their schedule, then maybe it would feel more comfortable to do things at your own pace.  
  • You can’t afford any extra expense right now. Babies aren’t cheap! Taking the DIY approach can be perfect if a professional photoshoot is just way out of your budget.
  • You want to capture your baby’s milestones. A professional newborn photography session can be a wonderful experience. Especially (even if we do say so ourselves) when you visit a place like Glean and Co, where we do everything possible to make it relaxing and hassle-free. But there are other milestones too! DIY photography is a great supplement for capturing those memories with your little one, whether or not you plan to have professional sessions for the big milestones.
  • You don’t want to regret missing these moments. The time goes so fast. Take it from your fellow moms (that’s us!) in ten years, you are going to want these photos. You don’t want to regret that you were too broke or too busy to document your baby’s growth.

The truth is, you will never regret learning these skills. Knowing how to take better baby pictures at home, with your own phone or camera, is something you’ll continue to use long after the newborn stage.

Enroll Today! Course Opens March 15

If you’re ready to start taking better baby pictures, head over to our course info page and enroll today! This program is designed by moms, for moms, and is the fast track to getting some beautiful photos of your new baby (and any future babies!) quickly, inexpensively, and on repeat as they grow before your very eyes.


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