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I'm a mom, just like you. I've blinked and my 3 boys have jumped from babies to kids and I wholeheartedly agree believe that creating & capturing special memories together matters more than anything.

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If you’re expecting, you’re probably wondering—when is the best time to take maternity photos? It’s all about finding a balance. We want to take pictures early enough that we aren’t worried the baby will be born before our shoot date, but not so early that you’re not fully popped yet!

Remember, it’s not too late… until that baby is born of course!

If you ask us for a general recommendation, we’ll say that the best time to take maternity photos is between weeks 32 and 36 of your pregnancy, assuming there are no indications of early labor or health concerns. If this is your first baby, we always recommend pushing it a little later if you can. Try to book your maternity photoshoot for closer to that 36-week mark so your bump has plenty of time to get nice and full.

Big Reasons to Take Maternity Photos Earlier:

  • You or other women in your family have a history of delivering your babies early.
  • You have a health concern that indicates you may have your baby early.
  • You’re significantly uncomfortable (as in, “Wow, this really hurts,” not just “This is kind of annoying.”)

In cases like these, we’ll want to get you in front of the camera sooner rather than later so we can be sure to capture your pregnancy before baby arrives, and while you’re still feeling comfortable enough to enjoy the experience.

Meet Catie: Here she is pregnant with her second son at 20 weeks along and again at 37 weeks along. In her own words, “I thought I was massive at 20 weeks.”

Big Reasons to Take Maternity Photos Later

  • You’ll want to remember how big you really got towards the end—even if you think you’re big now.
  • Big bellies are stunningly beautiful! Let it get nice and big and round so you can really show it off.
  • On that same note, big round bellies are very rarely mixed up with, “She’s really let herself go,” so don’t worry about that. The longer the wait the more obvious it is that you’re pregnant in these photos.

Tips for Showing Off Your Baby Bump

We want to show off that bump as much as possible! To do that, consider showing a little skin. A dress that can unbutton or some pretty lingerie with a shawl or robe are both beautiful options. Milk baths are also a great way to show off the bump surrounded by some pretty flowers or greenery. (Plus, you get to take a relaxing bath! Win win.)

Here are some of the beautiful images we captured at Catie’s maternity shoot at 36 weeks.

maternity photoshoot at Boise Idaho studio at week 37 of pregnancy

Husband and pregnant wife seated on floor leaning against bed and cradling baby bump

Little boy kissing mom's baby bump

Milk bath maternity session in Boise Idaho

Ready to schedule your maternity photoshoot? Book a consultation and we’ll help you decide on the perfect time and way to document your pregnancy.


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