Should I Do My Newborn Photography Session Indoors or Outdoors?

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The most precious moments that you will find in your child’s life is when they are a newborn. When you are planning to take some photos to always remember this time, it comes with some choices and you need to plan ahead. One thing you need to look for in advance is a great photographer. The nice thing about newborn photography is that you typically have about nine months to plan for their arrival. Some of the things to consider when looking for a great photographer is how comfortable she is with different settings. Indoor or outdoor can be options too. Here are some pros and cons about both.

Indoor Newborn Photo Sessions

Pros- Some of the great reasons you can shoot your newborn photos indoors is, temperature control, lighting, availability of props, and you will not need to travel to a location. Because springtime weather is so random and can change at any moment, taking your photo session indoors can always be preferred. Especially since these new bundles of joy do not have the same ability to regulate their bodies temperature. Lighting would be the second most important reason to go inside for your newborn photo session.

Cons- Inside you are limited to what your photographer has on hand for props. You might have more controlled lighting but, nothing beats what mother nature can create naturally. With some photographers you need to also check what kind of backdrops they have and if they have props to create the look you desire for your newborns first memories.

Outdoor Newborn Photo Sessions

Pros- Going inside can always be nice but, you might miss the natural beauty that has been created by nature. These natural wonders that are occurring during springtime are so similar to the new bundle of joy that you have been blessed with. New blossoms on the trees, tulips and daffodils, and all their colors, baby chicks hatching, and fresh rain storms with their rainbows are all natural props that you can use for your newborn photo shoot.  

Cons- There are so many things that can go wrong when you are outside with a newborn. I don’t want to alarm you or cause you to worry about your newborn but you should make sure that your photographer has some experience taking a newborn outdoors for a session. This can be a very unpredictable time for weather and you need to make sure that you bring plenty of clothing for your newborn that will help them regulate their body temperature. Outdoor photo sessions can also be difficult because the lighting and shadows that are caused by the light and other objects can always be difficult to overcome.

Ask a Professional Newborn Photographer

Ultimately all these can be overcome if you have a quality newborn photographer in Boise, that knows their stuff, and has plenty of experience working with these little bundles of joy that we love so much. Always plan and prepare before it is too late. The great photographers are usually booked out months in advance. Plan ahead and let these great photographers help you through this wonderful time in your life.

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