A rainbow baby is a baby that is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or loss of an infant.


We aim to serve families who have suffered infant loss, still birth, miscarriage and often years of infertility by creating beautiful rainbow maternity and newborn portraits. We know it won’t remove the sadness for the baby (or babies) you have lost before and we understand that your rainbow may be amongst a sky of stormy clouds instead of bright clear blue. Sadness and grief are part of the journey, as are now hope and joy. The Boise Rainbow Project wants to help you focus on the hope and joy you are starting to feel and highlight and nurture them along your journey.

1 in 8 women suffer from infertility in the United States and 1 in 4 will miscarry. We can’t imagine what you’ve gone through and we won’t pretend to- but we will listen to your fears, hear your story of loss and ask you how many children you have- and want the real answer. We will not brush your story under the rug or say cliche things like “everything happens for a reason.” While we cannot guarantee that we will not cry while you tell us your story, we will listen patiently while you tell it and ask your angel baby’s name(s).


Babies must be under 4 weeks old at the time of the session (with special circumstances given to NICU babies born prematurely)*​

Winners will be chosen randomly and entire $200 retaining fee will be applied to a product order (session fee becomes free of charge).

Digital Files and Additional Prints or Products are not included but may be purchased separately.

Parents must sign a model release allowing Glean + Co to showcase their baby’s image online in social media or ad campaigns as well as in printed form. Parents will be offered the choice to keep baby anonymous or allow name and/or story to be shown.



Some families love the rainbow theme and want to take it all the way- others want to avoid it entirely. While this is the Boise Rainbow Project that in no way means your baby has to be photographed in a pot of gold. We love to sit down with our clients and dream up the perfect color palette for your family.

Yes! We have a growing collection of wraps, newborn outfits, fluffs, headbands and hats in all colors of the rainbow as well as rainbow themed. Come over and take a peek at our stash! If you’re looking for a specific style, color or theme that we don’t have already we are happy to help you source the perfect props for your session from our long list of favorite newborn vendors. We are also happy to include any special items of yours that you’d like to bring along.

Absolutely. We are happy to do the full family, grandparents and all or just the baby- it’s up to you! 

No, digital images are purchased separately but are included with every print purchased. We love helping families choose prints and products perfect for their home and 20% of all of our sales go directly to the Little Joys Remembrance Foundation. Remaining proceeds fund future free sessions for rainbow recipients. 

Yes, we do require a $200 retaining fee. However, with our rainbow sessions we apply this entire retaining fee to your print or product order. You do not pay a session fee! 

We love when families bring something important to them to incorporate into their photoshoot. Some examples are a special stuffed animal or baby blanket, ultrasound photos, significant flowers such as forget-me-nots or even a child’s urn. Each family has a different comfort level and desires on how they would like to remember their children and we are more than happy to discuss any ideas you might have to represent all the members of your family in advance of the session. Also please note that nothing discussed in advance is set in stone- if you decide you no longer want to include something or come up with something you do want to include we are flexible and will gently help guide you through determining the important things you’d like to include that you may not have even thought of yet. 

This is absolutely up to you. While we feel it is important to talk about loss openly and love to share our rainbow babies stories it is not a requirement and are happy to keep your story private if you would prefer. 

To learn more about the Little Joys Remembrance Foundation, please click here. They’re so close to their goal of getting a cuddle cot into every hospital in the state of Idaho with just 12 to go! Each cuddle cot costs approximately $3,000, but with your help, Glean + Co and the Boise Rainbow Project hope to get them another cot closer to that goal.


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