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I'm a mom, just like you. I've blinked and my 3 boys have jumped from babies to kids and I wholeheartedly agree believe that creating & capturing special memories together matters more than anything.

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If you’ve started shopping for a newborn photographer, chances are you’ve felt a little overwhelmed. It’s true that there are a lot of photographers out there, but if you have a clear idea of what kind of images you want and an established set of parameters, you’ll be able to narrow it down and find the perfect person to capture images of your growing family. Here’s how to choose the right Boise newborn photographer for YOU:

Consider Their Photography Style

When you’re scrolling through possibilities and find some images you like, take a closer look at that newborn photographer’s overall style. Go to their website or Instagram and explore it with an eye to consistency. Does it feel cohesive? Would you want the images you’re seeing for your own baby? You can also ask to see an entire gallery of images from one session instead of just one great shot. This will tell you whether they got lucky with one “hero shot” or if they’re able to recreate beautiful images consistently.

Ask Around about Boise Newborn Photographers—But Trust Your Own Judgment

As you’re figuring out how to choose the right Boise newborn photographer for you, you might ask advice from friends in the area. Word of mouth can be a great way to find a photographer, but don’t just choose the photographer your friend chose because she recommended their studio. Your friend’s style and yours may not be the same. Use other people’s advice as a jumping-off point, but be sure to do the research yourself.

Decide What Kind of Newborn Photography Experience You Want

Do you want to go to a professional studio or have you been dreaming of a lifestyle shoot in your own home? While some moms love the idea of newborn pictures at home, others would much rather not have to deal with making their space picture perfect.

Find Out About Their Newborn Safety Training and Experience

Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable throughout the newborn photography experience. How will this newborn photographer keep your baby safe? What kind of training do they have? How long have they been working with newborns? Do they use an assistant? Do they practice baby-led posing?

Newborn asleep in Boise Idaho photography studio

Ask a Lot of Questions

Every studio is a little different, so you’ll want to be sure you understand what you’re booking and what’s included. Depending on your vision for your newborn session, you might find out: Do they have an age cutoff or are they willing to work with older babies? Do they include family pictures or is a newborn session baby only? Will they work with you to create artwork, or will you receive a digital gallery? If your newborn has older siblings, be sure to ask the photographer how they handle toddlers and what tricks they have up their sleeve to get that magical sibling shot every mom craves.

Find Out What Their Newborn Photography Services Include

Speaking of what’s included, you’ll also want to get a few other details about whether the photographer helps with wardrobe and outfit choices and what else their services include. Do they offer a client closet? What about professional hair and makeup artists? Do they provide any newborn-specific items? What are you expected to provide?

Take Your Budget Into Account

Of course, you’ll want to take your budget into consideration, but don’t let price be the only thing you consider. These images are forever, and you can’t go back and redo them. Hiring the most affordable photographer out there may work fine for a quick holiday card picture, but these are the first days of your precious baby. You’ll be much happier if you spend the money to hire a true professional with safety certifications and a consistent portfolio so you can have the images you’re dreaming about long after your baby is out of diapers. Ask your photographer if they offer payment plans or a gift registry to help offset cost if budget is tight.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your session. Many newborn photographers book out several months in advance, and the last thing you want to find out is that their schedule is completely full. Also, as mentioned above, quality newborn photography is not cheap. The earlier you book, the more time you’ll have to budget for the photos and artwork your really want.

If your baby has already been born, be sure to look for a photographer who is experienced working with older babies. Babies older than four weeks are wonderful to photograph! But photographing older babies takes a different set of skills than working with a brand new baby. Don’t assume that someone is equipped to handle every stage of babyhood just because they claim to be a newborn and baby photographer.

Collage of newborn baby with family in Boise Idaho photographer's studio

Is Glean and Co the right Boise newborn photographer for you? We’ll let you decide! Here’s how we would answer all these questions:

Our Newborn Photography Style

We love light and bright and airy, but with a solid black point. This means you won’t get any washed out, overly bright images here. We also like to keep our colors pretty true to life, with no funky filters. These images aren’t a fad: they need to last a lifetime! Clothing wise, neutrals are our jam and we tend to keep our setups pretty minimalist. We don’t do big, elaborate setups, but prefer the baby to be the star of the show. After all, parents’ arms make the best props!

Our Studio and What’s Included

We’ve set up the Glean & Co studio to resemble a cozy home space. We create both posed images of baby as well as candid lifestyle images of parents and siblings. (And yes, we LOVE older siblings!) We work with babies of all ages and cater our baby-led posing to their current stage. While we no longer offer in-home newborn sessions, we can happily refer you to some great ones if you prefer that style! We’ve also stocked the studio with snacks and treats to entice toddlers’ cooperation. And, of course, we’ve got baby shark on the playlist to grab a quick smile. Plus, we offer an entire client closet with women’s, men’s and children’s wear as well as a rainbow of options in specialty newborn wraps and tiny outfits.

Our Newborn Training and Experience

Paige, our Boise newborn photographer and studio owner, has been photographing babies for over 15 years now but has been specializing in newborn photography specifically since 2017. She’s taken numerous safety and posing classes and always works with an assistant to ensure your baby’s safety.

Mother holding newborn on bed by window

Is Glean and Co the Right Boise Newborn Photographer for You?

If you need a little more help with how to choose the right Boise newborn photographer for you, simply book a consultation with us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information as you make the important decision of who to trust with capturing your baby’s very first memories. Or, if you’re ready to go, you can book directly online! Simply choose your due month and we’ll reach out to start planning.


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