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When you book a photo session with Glean and Co., we encourage you to think about where your images will live. We want you to give this some thought upfront because knowing how you’ll display the finished product influences what kind of images you want to capture. Your wall art (or prints or albums) may be intended to share, or they may be for your eyes only. Both types of photographs have a place in your life, which is why it’s important to consider what you want from your wall art, whether public or private.

A Place for Intimate Photos

First of all, we want to assure you that it’s totally okay to take—and enjoy—your private images! Sometimes people feel hesitant about this. For example, we’re often asked to take boudoir-style maternity photos, but when we get down to the ordering process very few of these are chosen. And even when they are, they’re rarely used as wall art. Moms say things like, “Oh, I don’t want just a big picture of me on the wall.” But why not? Pregnancy is not only an incredibly special time in your life, it can also be deeply sensual as your body changes and a new life grows within you. It’s something you should be able to remember forever. And you don’t have to share those photos with anyone.

A couple of weeks ago, while looking at stunning photos of his pregnant wife in lingerie, one of our dads-to-be joked that he was “so excited to show these to his mom.” While intimate photos may be exclusively for you and your partner, that doesn’t mean there aren’t also options to display these beautiful photos in beautiful ways. You may think a private album tucked in your nightstand is the only way to store these images, but there are other options. There is such a thing as private wall art!

Husband and pregnant wife dancing in an Idaho field near sunset

Your Wall Art: Public

When we think of wall art, public wall art is usually what comes to mind. This doesn’t mean these pictures are published for the world to see, but they’re displayed in “public” places within your home. Places like the entryway, living and dining areas, kitchen, guest bathroom, and kids playroom, where guests, friends, and extended family members might spend time. Public walls might also include hallways or stairways depending on the layout of your home.

Your wall art displayed in public areas tend to be your traditional photoshoot images of the family laughing, playing, smiling for the camera, etc. Generally with public images all the participants are fully clothed, but this is a matter of personal taste. The level of comfort can vary from one person and family to the next, with some feeling comfortable wearing a more revealing outfit in a photo designed to be shared with others. It truly is about you and your comfort level.

Your Wall Art: Private

In contrast, private wall art is more intimate by nature. These photos are more revealing. This may be because the participants are wearing less clothing or more revealing outfits, or simply because the image carries greater emotional weight. Boudoir maternity photos fall into this category, as do breastfeeding images of you and baby, sitz baths with your newborn, or bubble bath photos of young children.

These intimate images can be especially beautiful and meaningful, exactly because they are private, deeply personal, and not meant to be shared with the rest of the world. But where to display this type of wall art?

While an album is certainly an option, most homes also have “private” walls. Spaces you don’t routinely invite guests into, and where you can hang your intimate wall art for the exclusive enjoyment of yourself and your immediate family. For example, your bedroom and the master bathroom usually make ideal places to display these types of images. Again, depending on how your home is laid out, sometimes the entire upstairs is a private area. Also, if your home has a den or office this is another spot where visitors aren’t likely to venture.

Private wall art can be a powerful way to invite a little romance, intimacy, and deep emotional connection into your home, which is one of the reasons we encourage you to consider this type of product when planning your photoshoot.

Other Options for Intimate Photo Display

Even if you really don’t want a large canvas of yourself in intimate apparel hanging on the wall—no matter how private the setting—there are other ways to use your private wall art too. For example, a boudoir maternity picture or image from a breastfeeding session can be a beautiful addition to a story wall, placed among several other photos documenting your family’s journey. This draws less attention to that single image while still making it part of your family’s story.

Intimate photos can also be a great option to tuck among your selection in a photo collection box. These are an extremely flexible display option, allowing you to put that more revealing photo in front whenever you want to, then switch it out with a more public image when you’re entertaining guests.

The Value of Private Wall Art

Remember, just because an image isn’t shared with the world, hung pride of place on your living room wall, or posted on your Facebook page doesn’t mean it is without value. You can absolutely take, print, and even display images that are meant just for you and your partner. In fact, these may be some of the most meaningful photos in your home!

If you’d like to explore our products further, schedule a photography session, or learn more about our services, simply book a consultation. We’d love to chat with you.


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