Baby Photography Mistake #4:⁠⠀

Pinterest fail posing⁠⠀

This was the big mistake I made with my first son….and my second for that matter! I looked for inspirational images I liked and wanted for my own baby and then “replicated them” with no knowledge whatsoever on how to actually accomplish these poses 🤣⁠⠀

Funny, but also kind of scary when I think about the fact that I put my newborn son up on a card table and attempted to take his picture in a bum up position. Not only are the images awful, but I put him in danger thinking he was sleeping and wouldn’t move off the table. Thankfully he didn’t but he could have all too easily. (Baby reflexes are crazy!) Bottom line, I had no idea what I was doing, how poses were accomplished or which ones were safe.⁠⠀

You see images on instagram or Pinterest and think “great, lets try that, looks easy!” Except….professional photographers don’t actually suspend or balance your baby (ever).⁠⠀

Keep to safe and simple poses (like the one pictured!) that do not require years of practice and multiple images composited Into photoshop and never put your baby’s safety in jeopardy for the sake of the shot.