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I'm a mom, just like you. I've blinked and my 3 boys have jumped from babies to kids and I wholeheartedly agree believe that creating & capturing special memories together matters more than anything.

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Our philosophy is simple: Creating and capturing special memories with your family matters more than anything.

At Glean and Co, we’re moms, just like you, and we started our luxury portrait studio in Boise so that we could give other moms the gifts that matter most: The memory of your baby’s head cradled in the crook of your arm, the way his hair smelled, the irresistible perfection of each of her tiny toes. We believe those details should be preserved and displayed, so that as you walk through your house and go about the day-to-day busyness of life, you have beautiful reminders of the why behind your mothering.

It’s this philosophy that powers what we do and how we do it. But what does this mean for you? How does a nice-sounding mission statement translate into the actual experience when you book your newborn or family photoshoot with us? Well, let’s get into it! Here’s what you can expect from our style, the experience we offer, and the way we value your memories.

Elements of Glean and Co’s Photography Style

The Aesthetics

We love light, bright, and airy, but with a solid black point. This means you won’t get any washed out, overly bright images here. We also like to keep our colors as true to life as possible, with no funky filters. After all, these photos aren’t a fad: they need to last a lifetime! Neutrals and earth tones are our jam, and we like using clean and cozy lifestyle setups for a living-your-best-life kind of look.

The Studio

Think of our studio as your home away from home. We’ve designed our space to feel like a cozy Airbnb, and to look like the stuff of Instagram dreams. Everything you need for your session is right here, from beautiful outfits for every member of the family to stunning natural lighting.

Bright and airy Boise lifestyle studio setup with bed, pillows, a brick wall, curtained windows, and potted plant

The Experience

We believe that creating forever memories should be easy, relaxing, and fun! We’re here to help with every detail, from planning your session and choosing outfits, to helping with your hair and makeup, to designing the artwork that will hang on the walls of your home. The luxury experience we offer is one of a kind.

But even more importantly, so is the artwork.

Wall art gallery of beautiful framed family photos hanging above couch in Boise home

The Artwork: What to Do with Your Finished Photos

The experience, the aesthetics, the studio vibe are all important elements of your newborn photoshoot. But we believe the most important thing—what sets us apart from other photographers more than anything else and truly brings the vision to life—is what happens with your images after the session.

Photography is about memories. An image can bring back a wave of emotions when you see yourselves as a family of three for the first time, or a family of four, as your oldest child becomes a big brother or sister. Those moments go by so fast. And while it feels impossible now, the truth is that you quickly get used to each new stage…and forget a lot of what made those early stages so incredibly special.

Your memories are too important to be stored on a computer and forgotten. And yet, this is exactly what happens with most photos—even when you spring for professional images. Your photographer emails you your digital files, and that’s it. From there, you’re on your own.  You have to figure out where and how to get your photos printed, what sizes would work best, and how in the world to design an album.

This is a lot, especially when you’re a busy parent of littles. Which is why, at Glean and Co, we decided to ensure that when you book a session with us, you have guidance and expert help for every one of those details.

Here’s How It Works:

First, we’ll help you choose which images to use for your personalized artwork. We have a huge TV in the studio so you can see your photos as large as life, instead of squinting at them on your home desktop or iPad.

As we go through your images one by one, we’ll use our software to show you your favorites, scaled to size on your very own walls. This allows you to see exactly how a photo will look in your home, what size works best, and which photos should go where.

Once you’ve made your selections, it’s time to create beautiful imagery for your home! No need to figure out how to format your files and find a professional printer. At Glean and Co, we take care of all of that for you.

We edit each of your chosen images by hand to ensure the highest level of quality—and to ensure that the colors, tones, and saturations are perfect for print. Good editing is always an art form, but editing with the intention of creating tangible items truly is a whole new level. These are the heirlooms and keepsakes that will bring visible joy to your home each day, and our editing reflects the value of these memories.

Collage of newborn and family portraits taken in a natural light Boise photo studio

Ready to Put Joy on Your Walls?

We pride ourselves on providing a full-service, luxury portrait experience that is unlike any other. If you are ready to see it in action, to stop telling yourself “someday” and start holding your memories in your hands and weaving them into your home’s aesthetic now, then let’s make it happen.

We will be your professional guides throughout the process and will hold your hand through absolutely everything, including:

  • Choosing the ideal location for your session,
  • Supplying wardrobe resources and client closet selections for the entire family,
  • Offering product advice and wall art design services, and
  • Providing over two decades of professional photography experience.

Moments don’t last, but memories do. And with fine art products, they can last forever. Book your consultation with us and we can start the process of putting joy on your walls today.


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