Newborn Photos Make Great Gifts!

The anticipated arrival of a new baby is a big deal throughout the family and extended family. For months and months, your family, friends, and others have looked forward to the day your baby finally arrives. A great way to share the joy of your newborn is to send them high-quality newborn photos of your baby! They have been there with you every step of the way. Show them how much you appreciate their support with softcopy and hardcopy photos.

Older Family Members Still Love Prints

While digital photos are versatile and popular among many, older family members and friends still appreciate printed photos. If you have been to your grandparent’s house recently, you will notice they tend to display their most precious memories for visitors to enjoy. It gives them a great source of pride to have beautiful family photos to show off! It is much easier for someone to comment on a photo that is openly displayed versus pulling out a phone or tablet and showing someone a picture. Do your older family members a favor and be sure to order some hardcopy photos to share with them. They will appreciate it more than you know!

Beautiful Digital Images Make Sharing Easy

Digital images of your beautiful newborn mean you have something special that you can quickly share far and wide! If you have a distant cousin in Malaysia? No worries, in mere seconds you can share the joy that only a newborn brings into a family. If your newborn photo package includes digital and hardcopy prints, then you have hit the jackpot! If not, simply ask your photographer what it takes to get both.

Time is of the Essence

While your baby will be small for quite a while, the “newborn” window of opportunity is limited. This period does not last long because the baby becomes more alert and active the older it gets and makes it more difficult to get those precious newborn poses that most parents desire. The older the baby gets, the less it sleeps and more active it becomes meaning the photographer’s job gets much more difficult. When you contact a newborn photographer in Boise, be sure to ask about timing. When is the right time of the day for best results? How long after the baby is born is too long? When is too soon? An experienced photographer with hundreds of photoshoots under their belt will quickly and easily be able to answer these questions for you.

Only Trust an Experienced Boise Newborn Photographer

Newborn photos are especially important because there is a small window of time in which to capture the perfect image. Newborns will quickly grow out of the phase and become an infant before your very eyes. As soon as you know your due date, contact a Boise newborn photographer. If you use an experienced photographer, you can rest assured that their experience means you will get the perfect newborn photos!


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