Newborn Photoshoot Ideas for the Fall

While it sounds cliché, fall is “right around the corner”! If you are expecting a baby this Autumn, it is time to start planning your newborn session. While the date may not be set in stone for most expecting parents, you can spend this time thinking about the style you want for your newborn shoot. Do you want something at home or in a studio? Are you considering a styled theme or something more traditional? There are many questions to consider and now is the time to answer them. Your little one is only a “newborn” once, be sure to take every advantage and capture these moments before they are gone. While you are limited only by your imagination and your baby’s safety, we have included a couple of ideas to help get your creative juices flowing!

Try Fun Outfits

Dressing your newborn in fun, unusual outfits can make for a great result. Placing newborn girls in a mermaid costume for instance will bring smiles for years. What about a football uniform complete with accessories for your young man? There are many opportunities to work themed outfits into a newborn shoot. Just keep in mind the more you move them to do costume changes, the longer the shoot will take. This could lead to a more expensive session. This is a conversation to have with your photographer well before the scheduled session. Your newborn photographer will need to book plenty of time for costume changes.

Include Siblings and/or Parents

Including other children or the parents brings another level of complexity to the shoot. It is not necessarily bad, but depending on the age of the additional children, an already challenging newborn shoot could become even more time consuming. As we all know as parents, kids work on their own time schedule. A normally happy two-year-old may not feel like sitting still at the exact time that a newborn is fast asleep and easy to position. But the outcome is often worth the extra work. The finished product that includes all your children can take your breath away! Parents are sometimes self-conscious about having their picture taken with a newborn. They do not want to “mess up” the photo. Do not worry, your photographer will make sure you are in the best position possible! Adding more people to the shoot also means coordinating wardrobes. What is everyone going to wear? Unless you are going strictly black and white, your color scheme will make a difference.

Above All, Hire an Experienced Newborn Photographer in Boise

Hiring a photographer early will make most of these decisions much easier. Their experience with newborns means they have seen just about everything you can imagine…good and bad! A Boise newborn photographer with hundreds of newborns to their credit will be able to answer your questions and give you solid advice when making these decisions. Again, you only get a small window of time before your newborn is a full-blown infant that is sitting up, crawling and teething.


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