The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pregnant Moms

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I'm a mom, just like you. I've blinked and my 3 boys have jumped from babies to kids and I wholeheartedly agree believe that creating & capturing special memories together matters more than anything.

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For being so little themselves, new babies come with an awfully big wish list. With our ultimate gift guide for pregnant moms, we’ll help you figure out a few of our favorite baby products (and where to buy them!) Plus, we’ll explore the ultimate gift that will last a lifetime: maternity, newborn, and family photos!

A Few of Our Favorite {Baby} Things


Doc-A-Tot: First things first, we need sleep. And, of course, safety. I loved my Snuggle Me lounger from Amazon, or the equivalent DockATot. You can slip it next to you in bed for those late night feeds, or bring it around the house so you have a safe place for baby to sleep soundly no matter where you are.

Woombie: There are a ton of different sleep sacks out there but the woombie is still my favorite. It was the only swaddle sack that my kiddos couldn’t break out of and kept them snug and secure those first few months.

On the Go

Stroller or Baby-Wearing Gear: I’m not even going to recommend a stroller or car seat ’cause there are too many choices and too many opinions. (Personally, I hated strollers and rarely used them. Instead, I had a ton of baby-wearing devices. I couldn’t possible imagine having a baby without a wardrobe of choices for baby-wearing.) So, my advice on the stroller front is to drive a few around a store or borrow a friend’s for a walk around the block.

Wraps & Carriers

For Littles: For the teeny tiny baby, I liked the Boba Wrap. They’re not horribly expensive and they keep itty bitties close; especially babies with a bit of reflux that need some extra time upright after feedings. While learning to tie the wrap can take a minute, it’s super easy once you get the hang of it! I would just leave mine tied around me all day and pop the baby in and out. (Great for flying with a young baby too!)

For Growing Babies: When they get a little older I love the Lenny Lamb brand. I know the Ergobaby brand is the one most people recommend and go for, but I love the different color patterns and soft fabrics of the Lenny Lambs. I found I was able to cuddle my babies tight while still having hands free to do chores around the house or help older siblings. Bonus: the Lenny Lamb was the only carrier with straps I was able to adjust so I could successfully nurse while baby-wearing.


Bottles: Ok, here’s the thing about bottles. Don’t let anyone talk you into buying a ton of any one brand before you’ve met your baby. Why? They may have a very different opinion! My first son had no issues and liked Dr. Browns just fine. My second son, who had a tongue tie, went through about 18 different bottle options before he landed on Tommee Tippees. And my third son, who also had a tongue tie, didn’t like any of those bottles, nor did he like the Tommee Tippee. He finally landed on the Comotomo…which is the brand that I’d recommend now. But again, don’t buy too many of any one kind ’cause you never know what they’ll take to.

Highchair: We like this one because it doesn’t take up the floor space of a traditional high chair. Plus, baby can really join the family at the table or even the kitchen island. Pro tip: Buy a couple. I had one that lived in our house, one at both grandparents’ houses (they’re small so they can tuck in a closet when not in use), and one in my car for going out to restaurants. There’s also a back pocket where you can stuff a pack of wipes, some non-perishable snacks, and a few small toys in the back pocket.

A Few Other Goodies

Stocking Stuffers! Christmas is coming, and for the perfect little stocking stuffer, check out these pouch toppers. Babies love to hold things themselves…but that makes for a big ol’ mess. I loved these when my kids were little but also love them in the studio now to prevent big spills.

Shopping Cart Hammock: Shopping for a mom who already has all the baby stuff? I discovered these with my third baby. They’re one of my favorite things to gift moms who already have everything they need but still deserve to be celebrated. Even if you only have one kiddo you’ll soon discover that it’s incredibly hard to do the grocery shopping with a carseat taking up 90% of the grocery cart space. Add a toddler in there and you really start to wonder where the groceries are supposed to go. (I know some stores have cradles built into the cart, but they’re really hard to see over the top of!) Enter the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock. You can put older babies in there and strap them in, or strap in the entire bucket seat carseat. Super compact and easy to toss in the back of your car for a quick grocery run.

Clothes: New babies (and new moms) deserve to be comfy cozy and we love any and all things made with bamboo for its silky softness. Our favorite brand (bit spendy but a fun splurge for a gift) is the kickeepants brand. Bonus: They have mom sizes too!

Guide to where to Buy Gifts for Pregnant Moms in Boise, Idaho

We’ve included links to most of our favorites online, but if you prefer to shop local, here are a few of our favorite baby stores in and around Boise, so you can find the perfect gift!

Pi Baby Boutique in Boise has such a great selection of brand name clothes, toys, gear, and more. We love that they’re local and family-owned.

Baby Blues and Pink is a baby, toddler, and maternity boutique located in downtown Boise. Their collection of clothing is beautifully curated. We love that they choose sustainable products that support female artisans and their families.

Baby Maven Boutique is just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Meridian, Idaho. They specialize in cute and durable baby clothing for every occasion, and we love that they also provide all kinds of other cute and practical accessories and gear for mom and baby.

The Ultimate Gift for Pregnant Moms

Truly though? Our favorite gift of all for a new mom?


newborn photography Boise Idaho

Photos are the gift that keep on giving. The joy of personalized artwork lasts long after those cute clothes are outgrown. What parent wouldn’t love an album or wall gallery of professional maternity, newborn, or family portraits? Whether pictures are on their wish list or not, this unique and memorable gift is one that’s sure to thrill the recipient.

We make it easy for friends and family to present the ultimate gift to expecting parents, and are so excited to offer gift registries so that loved ones can chip in on purchasing that newborn session that’s just a bit out of budget. You can read more about the Glean & Co Baby Registry here, but here’s the gist:

  • Purchase your registry (or email us at to learn how to set one up to surprise the pregnant mom in your life).
  • Come to our studio for a complimentary 10-minute photoshoot, where we’ll create the cover image for your registry.
  • Plan your session with us! We’ll go over all the details and provide you with a custom estimate so you know how much you need to reach your goal.
  • Share your registry (we make it simple with a QR code) and let family and friends know how much you’d love the gift of forever memories. They can purchase gift cards to put towards the price of your dream session.

Are you in? Create your own baby registry right here.

A Few of Our Favorite Photoshoot Things

Hiring a photographer that has a client closet full of picture perfect outfits allows you to save for those beautiful albums and framed pieces for the nursery or living room. However…It’s really fun to buy adorable little things for your new baby and you just might want something special for the photoshoot.

One little caveat to consider: If you’re having your photos taken right away (most newborn photographers recommend between 1-2 weeks after birth) regular newborn-sized items are just too big. In photos they’ll look like they’re swimming. My third son was my biggest at 8lbs 4oz and he still wore a preemie size for his first photos! So, when choosing outfits, buy small. This is the one time where you don’t want it a little big so they can grow into it.

baby in cute bear outfit

That said, here are our recommendations:


Jamie Kay

Kate Quinn (Be aware, their processing & shipping can take FOREVER)

Kyte Baby (Another bamboo fave!)

Caden Lane (Check out their name blankets. They work great for newborn photo backgrounds!)

Hello Little Co

Headbands and Hats:

Again, beware the “too big.” While enormous bows look cute on baby girls in person, they’ll cast shadows over their delicate features in photographs. We recommend tiny dainty bows and crowns (and we have a ton to choose from!) but if you want to purchase your own or gift one to a new mama check out:

Floral and Evergreen (All things floral headbands)

Hello Little Props (These are made specifically for newborn photographers and are the perfect dainty bows and bonnets)

We hope this ultimate gift guide for pregnant moms helps you find the perfect something for that special mom-to-be! If you’re interested in learning more about our baby registry and newborn photography options, book a consultation. We’re happy to provide you with all the details!


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