When is the Right Time for Newborn Photos?

So you just had your bundle of joy and the time has come to take some newborn photos. Congratulations on your new arrival! So when are those photos going to be snapped?  This is a question that begs consideration long before your little one arrives. In order to get those perfect, curly 1-10 day old photographs, you will need to schedule far in advance while you are still pregnant. But have no fear! Even if you don’t get them taken in this window you can still come out of this time in your life with a special newborn photograph. Every week and month of a newborn’s life brings new considerations to the timing and turnout of newborn photography sessions. 

If you have missed the first two week window, go ahead and schedule an appointment for as soon as you can get in, and remember to keep the following in mind. No when is the right time for a newborn photo?matter when you get your session scheduled for, it will go smoother if your baby has already adjusted to his feeding and napping times. Newborns are very sleepy creatures and a naptime picture is likely going to be just the thing you are looking for. Make sure to feed baby before you go in and be prepared to do so during your session as well.

After the two week window your baby will be awake for longer time periods in the day. She may also be wiggling around and stretching a lot too. This means that you will have to opt for different photography concepts and poses. You may want to consider holding your newborn for the photograph. This will give you an intimate-feeling finished product that doesn’t include all the wiggly stretching. You can also swaddle your baby tightly, as she will naturally enjoy this anyway, for a calmer pose.

If your baby is between 3 and 5 weeks old, you have still hit a sweet spot for photography. At this age, multiples and preemies will still look and act very young. These babies often have difficulty processing the outside stimuli that come with a photography session anyway, so this is perfect for them.  Full-term babies are a little chubbier and more filled out than brand newborns. They are also still very flexible and easy to pose. The baby may need to be wrapped up, as mentioned before, but this makes for some of the best and cutest newborn poses out there. Hopefully baby agrees and doesn’t wiggle out of the swaddling.

Weeks 6-8 are not as ideal, but a photograph taken during this time can still turn out beautifully. Your baby will be wide awake and active during this time, and will likely not cooperate with posing or props very well. This is okay. You can always focus on the vibrant and sweet newborn eye contact for the pictures instead of the curled-up look. Weeks 1-8 are really the best time to get newborn photographs taken. After this time period, you are going for something else altogether.


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