Birth Announcement Photography Sessions

It’s an exciting time when you announce to the world that a baby is on the way or has recently arrived!  You want to capture the moment, and we want to be there for you. Whether you are having a party to celebrate, or want a more intimate one-on-one session, we can create a dynamic session catered to your needs.

Why You Should do a Birth Announcement Photography Session

Life creeps up on us and can go by in a flash! As family members move away and are unable to visit as often, being able to keep in touch is key. Because we want to share the big moments in our lives but understand that not all can physically celebrate with us, we’re left to sending out announcements to the ones we love. Not only is this a chance to get someone caught up on the big milestones, but also let’s them know that you are still thinking about them! With a birth announcement photography session, we can help you take the perfect pictures to send to family members and loved ones that you want to keep in the loop about your new addition to the family.

Your family will love the thought that went into your birth announcement and will cherish the beautiful photos included from your session!

Announcement Session Ideas

This depends on whether you are doing the announcement as a maternity photo shoot before the baby arrives or as a newborn session after the baby is born. There are a multitude of locations to choose from when it comes to your announcement session. Our birth announcement photography sessions can be done in your home, in our studio, or out wherever you would like! We’ve done announcements both indoor and outdoor and will always try to accommodate wherever you would like your session (as adventurous or traditional as it may be!).

Many soon-to-be parents enjoy a nature background for their session (around lakes, creeks, or even in the middle of fields). This outdoor background often highlights the beautiful natural aspect of pregnancy and is a great option for announcements. However, we understand that this isn’t the first option for some couples! For a more family-oriented session, the location can be focused on the family home including the loved ones that will be right by their side when the baby is born. Not only is this a great way to incorporate baby’s first home, but also a way to include family members for a two-in-one session!

Once the baby has arrived, most parents opt for in-hospital, in-home or in our Boise studio. It is just safer to keep the baby indoors whenever possible during such a young age.

Getting Ready for Your Session

We bring all the necessary equipment to your session so all you have to do is bring a smile! If your session includes multiple people, wearing neutral colors or using a similar color across clothing is a great way to tie everyone in together.

If at any point you have questions or what to change locations for your session, simply give us a call! We are typically very flexible when it comes to customizing sessions and would love to find the perfect spot and situation for your birth announcement session.

How We Can Help You

Your birth announcement is unique to you – which means your photo session won’t look exactly like anyone else’s. Even if you would like to stay in your home for the announcement, we can work with you to find the best areas for the session to photograph in.

Our photographers have years of experience shooting birth announcements and are fully prepared to make you as comfortable as possible. Don’t worry about feeling awkward during your photo session – we will always make you feel comfortable in poses with genuine smiles and reactions in your photos.

While each photographer has a specific style of photography, we do our very best to adapt to how our clients would like to see their photos develop. If you have any specific poses in mind or some type of family tradition you have taken part for generations, we want to incorporate it into your session! We will always do everything we can to customize your birth announcements to your exact personality and what you like – that way you know you will always be satisfied with how we do our session with you!

Each of our sessions can be customized for your needs. When you are ready to book a birth announcement session with us, give Glean + Co a call to schedule your consultation!


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