Newborn Sessions with Daddy

While most people think of newborn sessions with a focus on the mother, daddy shouldn’t be left out! A newborn session with dad is a great way to show the newfound love and affection that has already started to blossom.

What Happens at a Newborn Session?

The most important aspect of newborn sessions is keeping the baby safe. Throughout the session with daddy, we will always ensure the safety of the baby in each position – namely, keeping the head supported at all times and maintaining secure holds on the baby.

Because newborns must be fed every couple of hours, newborn sessions are typically longer than other sessions. We work around the times that the baby is fussy, needs to be changed or fed, or is getting changed to ensure you get beautiful photos of dad and baby together (without the less than perfect messy behind-the-scenes!).

How Will My Session Be Unique?

Each of the newborn sessions with dad we do are different from one another. Many have themes (if the father is a firefighter, the baby might be placed inside a firemen’s hat!) or are centered around something the father likes to really bring in an element of family intimacy into the session. Because a newborn session with daddy is already a great way to show a focus on the father figure, we are always open to ways to truly customize it to the family.

Even if the father isn’t the most uncomfortable with posing with the baby quite yet, that is alright! We will explain each pose before moving the baby into it to ensure dad is prepared for where to move his hands and how to support the baby properly. After all, safety is the number one priority!

If you have a specific idea for your newborn session with dad, don’t be afraid to let us know – we want to work with you as closely as possible! No matter what you would like to incorporate into your session, we will do everything we can to make it happen!

Where is the Session Held?

While other sessions can be held in any location, we tend to recommend having a newborn session either at home, or in our Boise studio. Newborns and weather don’t tend to mesh well, so we try to skirt around that issue altogether by hosting the session indoors!

However, we understand wanting to try different locations for a truly unique newborn session. If there is a location you would like to use other than our studio, we can plan in advance for the things we will need to make the baby comfortable through poses in alternate locations! As always, we supply all the equipment necessary to take beautiful pictures, so you always know that you will receive stunning photos from a session no matter where it is held with your newborn.

How Can I Get My Baby Ready for a Newborn Session with Daddy?

Your baby is a newborn for such a small amount of time – you want to make sure you capture those photos perfectly! While we will always work with you and your newborn (often, they can be unpredictable!), there are some things you can do to better the chances of the baby cooperating. For the most part, being able to pose a newborn is easiest when they are in a deep sleep. If at all possible, we encourage feeding your baby a little before the session, and then doing everything you can to keep the baby awake until close to the session. That way, when the session starts, your newborn will be so tired that they will sleep through all the adorable poses we put them in!

However, sleeping all the way through the session almost never happens for newborns (and that’s okay!). At any point during the session, we will ensure that the mother has privacy and space to feed the baby when needed. We want to make the newborn session as comfortable as possible for all – so feel free to speak up when you believe the baby needs something! We encourage you to pack everything you might need for your session. We specifically build in extra time for our newborn sessions because we understand how temperamental babies can be.

Once you are ready to set up your newborn session with daddy, simply give us a call to schedule a time!


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