Family Photos are More Important than Ever

The last few weeks has taught us many lessons. One of them is how much we miss our families when we can’t be together. While family photos have always been important, they are more important now than ever. Being distanced from our loved ones means we must depend on the photos we have, especially in the case of older Americans that struggle with technology.

Hard copy photos and prints mean the world to those that don’t have a smart phone or internet connectivity. Much of the younger generation has lost the attachment to printed photos. Not true for most people 60 and up. They still enjoy the feeling of opening a photo album and reminiscing about the past. While there are dozens of relevant questions, here are a few of the more important questions to ask yourself prior to scheduling photo shoot.

What Kind of Family Photo Should I Take?

Great question! There are many, many options to capture those special moments. You can take crazy candid photos with your smart phone, session photos in studio to capture the smallest details, or some combination of the two. Family photos should be fun while capturing the elements that make you a family.

Keep in mind the things that mean something to you as a family. If there are props to bring or even a special location that is near and dear to you. These are what make a family session important and meaningful to you. Not sure what to bring to a scheduled photo shoot? Not to worry, ask your photographer for tips or ideas. Especially when it comes to wardrobe. What you think may look great in person, may not look so good in your finished pictures. Again, their experience will help you get the most out of your investment.

Should I do Extended Family?

This is up to you! As professional photographers we have seen family photo shoots of two, to large groups in the dozens or even hundreds. This is especially true during large family reunions when people come from far and wide to visit once a year. You may have a very small window to get everyone in the photo, so planning will be even more important than normal.

For large families, consider doing a group with all the extended family, plus a series of smaller, nuclear families. You may be able to get the ultimate keepsake photos for the older generations. Imagine seeing their entire family in one place in a beautiful setting.

Who Should I Trust to Take my Family Session?

While candid photos can be taken by anyone that is there with you “in the moment”, studio sessions and formal outdoor sessions should be scheduled with professional family photographers. The bigger the family, the more important a professional becomes. Their experience with groups will keep this a fun and enjoyable experience versus a task that nobody wants to do again in the future. It takes a special touch to keep everyone engaged in the session!


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