Is a Studio session right for your family?⁠

Studio newborn photography: ⁠

✔️These are formal portraits taken in the studio, usually before baby is two weeks old. ⁠


✔️Baby is generally encouraged to be sleepy and will be placed on smooth backgrounds and in props such as buckets, bowls or beds.⁠


✔️Typically props, wraps, headbands/bonnets and outfits (sometimes for mom as well as baby) are provided by the studio but the extent of options and styles available varies greatly from place to place.⁠


✔️Family portraits are usually taken in front of a seamless background or a clean wall but be sure to ask if your studio newborn photographer offers family and sibling photos- some offer baby only.⁠


✔️These portraits are usually heavily posed with studio lighting, but occasionally natural light is also used depending on the studio.⁠


Tomorrow I’ll give you all the highlights of a lifestyle (at-home) newborn session!⁠

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