Do you want the best of both worlds? Perhaps a Combo session is the right fit for your family.⁠

Often times what you’ll find is a photographer who blends the options we have been going over the past 3 days (go back and read through them if you haven’t already!)⁠

A documentary approach in the studio or a heavily posed in-home session. Occasionally there is a studio photographer who is happy to come to your home with studio equipment or a photographer willing to do some indoors and then a shot or two outside.⁠

Understanding the differences allows you to ask the right questions to see if the photographer you’re talking to is the right one for you. ⁠

Tomorrow I’m going to break down the pricing and service models typical in the newborn photography world, so you can not only choose the right style for your family, but also the right price point.⁠

Still not sure which style is right for your family? Take the QUIZ!