Now Is The Time To Book Spring Family Photo Sessions

Spring family photos this year, perhaps? My husband doesn’t love having his photos taken, but he tolerates it because he loves me. So once a year I know I can pull one good family photography session out of him. Generally we do that in the fall (much like so many other families) so that our photos are “fresh” for the holiday cards. But this year I’m considering spring family photos instead to switch it up! (and hey, maybe by fall he will have forgotten about the spring shoot and I can sneak in a second)
Contrary to the colors of fall, spring is light and bright, offering blooming flowers and pastel skies. Although the late winter weeks can seem to drag on forever, it won’t be long until the buds start to show and the sun creeps back into the world.
If you want to capture those short lived April cherry blossoms or camas lillies of May, here are a few reasons now is the time to book your spring family photo session.

Top Photographers in Boise are Busy!

Most of Boise’s top family photographers are busy in the springtime and schedules fill up several months in advance. Many mom’s-to-be schedule their spring maternity photoshoots as late as possible to get the pops of spring color. Weddings and other formal events start to fill weekends. Senior portraits season starts around May and those babies are born. Most photographers will do their best to accommodate your schedule and location desires, but if you wait too long into the season to call, you may have to wait until summer to get on the schedule.

Preparation is Needed

When it comes to photographs, there is more to consider than just the day and location.

Start with the end goal in mind: Decide on a look and/or theme and have a solid vision of what you want.
Research photographers to make sure that they can create the type of images you’re after. 
Choose outfits that fit that vision from your wardrobe, buy new or borrow from your photographer’s client closet. Photographers love to help with these big wardrobe choices, so don’t forget to ask their thoughtsYou may have difficulty finding just the right pieces for everyone in the family, so give yourself plenty of time. Lay it all out in advance and make sure you like how it all looks together.
Do you want to consider adding hair and makeup? Photographers often provide vendor suggestions and can even help you make those appointments for you
Bringing the family dog? If you plan on having your furry friend, you may want to get them groomed and looking their best as well.

Plan a FUN Activity

Some photographers might recommend you visit your chosen location before hand. Some may even go so far as to say you should have your kids practice sitting and smiling for the camera.
I’m going to recommend the opposite.
Having your family photos taken doesn’t have to be a chore. The photos should be a reflection of your family connection and love for each other. NOT practiced, perfect smiles.
So how do we get great family engagement where everyone is having fun? Plan a fun activity.
Visiting a location for the first time is exciting and new, so let’s capture that. Allow your kids to run and explore … in fact, go explore with them! Your photographer will happily run along clicking photos as you laugh and create joyful memories together. Fly a kite, play with bubbles, read stories under the shade of cherry blossoms. The possibilities for family fun are endless

Hire a Boise Family Photographer for Best Results 

You can do yourself a favor by hiring an experienced family photographer in Boise. A trusted guide in the photography business will help you plan the perfect, stress-free photos for your family.



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