You’ve found your photographer, set a date, and now the big day is almost here! At any time of the year, a photo session is a great way to spend time as a family and create a cherished, lasting memory. But before you go in (or out) for the shoot, there are several things to consider, and you will want to be prepared before the day arrives. From wardrobe to snacks, touchups, and more, here we discuss all the things you need to consider to get ready for your family photo session. 

Before Your Photoshoot

First off, there may be appointments that you need to make and attend even before the day of the shoot. Times to get hair and nails done should be set up and done a day or so before your photo is taken. This will give you a fresh look and feel without allowing for enough time for fingernail polish to chip away. Plus, you will have a day or two to practice creating the perfect coif with your new hair cut. 

Consider and Review Different Poses and Props for Families

In the weeks leading up to the big day, you will want to prepare your family and brainstorm ideas together. The event should be framed in a positive, fun light so that young children experience excitement instead of fear. While things are gearing up, get together as a family, and come up with some fun poses that you might like to try. Think of your usual fun-time activities and how they may be incorporated into family photos. If you are going to be outside, you may be able to incorporate some of these to make it extra special. You could bring along a soccer ball or frisbee, or even your family dog, depending on their temperament. 

Do Not Forget About Your Wardrobe

A big question most people have when preparing is what to wear. This is crucial to consider and there are a couple of different answers. Matching jeans and cowboy or T-shirts for the whole family is a fad that may seem outdated to some. If you want to match, do it in a subtle way, using bold, coordinating colors instead of exact matches. Usually, it is recommended that you use a neutral palette when picking out clothes. Creams, oatmeals, and slate blues work well. Go for soft, flowy fabrics; ones you can move in, and be sure to wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.  Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that it is weather-appropriate. 

Hire an Experienced Boise Family Photographer

When the time comes, check that everyone has had a good meal, and then dress up, allowing plenty of time for hair and makeup. Pack extra sets of pre-thought-out clothes for everyone. Bring lipstick, brushes, and any extra last-minute touch-up items you may need to look your very best. You also want to bring plenty of favorites but non-messy snacks, in case the little ones get hungry. Bear in mind that the photographer may do some retouching after the shoot, so if there is anything you are self-conscious or unsure about, make sure to discuss it with them before you start. This is sure to be a special day, and with the right preparation, you can make a truly magical memory. To put the odds in your favor, hire an experienced Boise family photographer and let them help you along the way!